We are a busy and active family, between going to workouts and sports and just enjoying the great outdoors.  With two kids on the swim team and a busy schedule, I am no stranger to washing lots of towels.

I got my husband a Mizu towel for Christmas, because he goes to the gym a lot.  I wanted to find a towel that has a nice quality to it, but is versatile enough for the gym.

Image credit: https://www.mizutowel.com/

Mizu towels are unique.  This is an “antibacterial towel with natural cleaning silver fibers that change color when dirt builds up”.  Between all of our activities, including swim team, I am constantly running towels through the wash, and to be honest, it is nice to have this feature so that we know when the towel needs washing.

  • Stylish color change – MizuTech color changing strips that detect impurities
  • Prevents 99% of bacterial growth – Mizu is infused with natural pure silver fibers
  • Ultimate Luxury and Comfort – Xinjiang Cotton, the world’s most luxurious cotton
  • Soft & Durable – Twisted yarn weave for maximum durability, softness, and lint free
  • Quick drying – proprietary technology dries 3x faster than average towels
  • Hyper Absorbent – Mizu quickly absorbs up to 5x its weight in water
  • World-class Japanese craftsmanship

I think that it is fantastic that this towel has both the ability to control bacterial growth and to indicate when the towel needs washing.  With our busy schedule, I really appreciate this feature.

I have used this towel as well.  It is very soft and absorbent, and is nicer than our other workout towels.

Mizu Towels are great for everything from hand towels to bath towels, to working out at the gym.  These also make great gifts!

Check out Mizu Towels here.