Although today most rely on mobile phones for communication, it’s still a great idea to have a landline. Home phones will still work if the power is out or can simply act as a backup if your cell breaks or you lose it. Broadband Choices offers fully integrated solutions including deals, guides, and a comparison tool to help you find offers from UK’s top telecommunication providers. If you’re shopping for the best phone offers to save some cash, stay tuned and find out what options to consider and how to choose the best deals available.

Is a Landline and Broadband Bundle More Cost-Effective?

Consider a broadband and landline combo if you’re searching for great offers for both services. You may find a better offer if you combine the services, as telecoms companies usually provide discounts if you subscribe to multiple services. Some providers may also offer additional incentives including gifts, a grace period, a great minimum speed or cashback to make the service more appealing and attract new customers. If you’re contracting more services from the same telecoms provider, you’ll manage your accounts and bills easier. But if you only want to switch one of the 2 services, you may not get a high discount. Consider asking the telecoms company beforehand if they can work out an optimum solution.

Before Signing Up for a Home Phone Deal

Before you sign up for a landline deal, check out the phone home services in your area. You can use online search sites such as Broadband Choices. Also, consider the kind of calls you and your family make. For example, do you mostly call locally or long distance? Account for the features the telecoms provider offers including long-distance calling, international calling or a variety of extensions. Also, look into the quality of customer service. Is the provider reachable by live chat, phone or email? Does the telecoms company have a technical team available in case something goes wrong and are repairs or troubleshooting included in the price of your subscription? The next matter to consider is whether there are extra fees applicable or cancelation penalties.

Standalone Landline Subscription Service

You can find landline-only offers from providers such as TalkTalk, Vodafone or Sky. Check out how many monthly minutes the providers offer, any free call periods including evening or weekend calls and the free call rates. Pay attention to how long your calls are for free. You may find that calls are only free for the first half-hour up to 1 hour, after which the charge is standard rate. Concerning international calls, most providers charge additional tariffs. Also, take into account the charges on calls to premium-rate numbers such as number starting with 0870.

Finding the Best Offers

If you’re looking for the best-value landline deal, consider line rental, inclusive calls and whether it’s cheaper to ask for a bundle. The largest part of your monthly bill is the landline charge. Consider telecoms companies, which offer low-cost landline rentals. You’ll find that weekend calls to other UK landlines and unlimited evening packages are quite affordable. You can also request an upgrade to inclusive international calls or anytime calls. Often times, it’s cheaper to bundle with broadband and TV subscriptions.


If you’re searching for the best phone deals you must first do some online research. Use broadband and phone comparison engines such as Broadband Choices and compare the best offers on the market. Whether you’re looking for standalone or broadband and phone offers, look at telecoms providers such as Sky, Vodafone, Virgin Media, BT or TalkTalk. To make the right choices, consider the main factors listed above including incentives, minimum speed, free call periods, low-cost international tariffs and long-distance call options. You’ll soon find the best option for your needs.