Asia is regarded as the land of herbs and spices. However, no one can deny the fact that Asian teas are also loved by millions across the globe. In today’s time, it is difficult to manage stress when one has to go through financial pressures, marital stress, competition at the workplace and a lot more. Today, people are looking for cheaper methods to get rid of stress and anxiety issues. Tea is a perfect beverage because it has the power to treat severe headache and relax the mind. So in this article, we will guide you through some amazing Asian teas that are pivotal to treating anxiety.

The list is as follows:

  1.     Peppermint Tea

So our first stop in the lift is peppermint tea. Though peppermint is often infused in foods and snacks, it is also used to make tea. The aroma of the tea is so enticing that it can easily suffice for somebody’s stress and anxiety. If you are having a bad day because of stress, make a cup of peppermint tea and drink it.  Peppermint tea has methanol as an active ingredient that is a natural muscle relaxant. So next time you feel less active or stressed out, grab a cup of peppermint tea.

  1.     Kratom Tea

It is a popular beverage in many American bars and is very easy to make. Most people use white Sumatra kratom strain to make this tea. Though medical research doesn’t approve of any such benefit article but people who drink the tea claim it treats their anxiety issues. Kratom leaves have a special compound known as mitragyna, which is said to have properties similar to opioid painkillers. Kratom tea can easily be made at home, but it is better to infuse lesser content of the herb.

  1.     Chamomile Tea

Sometimes, excessive stress can give you a few sleepless nights. So it is better to take a sip of chamomile tea to feel great. Chamomile tea has a beautiful smell that is compelling enough to make someone drink it. Chamomile tea is a natural antidepressant and can curtail insomnia as well. This tea also relaxes the mind and reduces pain in muscles. People often drink this tea because it helps them in losing weight.

  1.     Passion Flower Tea

Passionflower tea is another perfect natural remedy that can help in curtailing anxiety and stress. It has an active ingredient known as flavone chrysin that has several anti-anxiety benefits. This tea helps in providing a good night’s sleep. So next time you can’t sleep at night, grab a cup of passionflower tea. Although, it has no major side effects but if you’re suffering from a severe medical condition, it is better to avoid it.

  1.     Rose Tea

As the name implies, the aroma of this tea is beautiful and can easily make your day. Apart from improving skin, rosemary tea can help in treating anxiety to a great extent. It works perfectly during sleep so don’t forget to drink it before going to bed. Rose tea is also ideal for people who are looking forward to improving their skin.

  1.     Green Tea

Regarded as many as the best tea in the world, green tea is a part of every household today. Although it contains a lot of caffeine, green tea can help in losing weight. Green tea can reduce stress and boost energy level. In today’s time, most people drink green tea because of its countless benefits for the body.