When you live the life of a busy mother, you learn to value the calmer moments.  Everyone needs time to gather their thoughts and center their emotions, but achieving that goal is another matter entirely.  

Between morning mayhem and bedtime rituals, there is always something to be done.  You’ll have to get creative to really give yourself something sweet on occasion. Check out a few simple ways you can treat yourself to a good time, and invest in some self-care. 

Bath tub

Take time for facial treatments

The stress of juggling the various roles in your life can cause your body to age faster if you don’t take some active steps to nourish your skin.  Keep your face looking younger with regular skin-nourishing face masks.  

You may also want to investigate the effectiveness of anti-aging lotions.  Lotions are much less invasive than botox injections, and have become extremely effective.  

Schedule a babysitter for a night alone

Whether you have a partner in your parenting or not, time alone is important.  It’s not selfish to schedule a babysitter on occasion, so you can spend the evening (or day) alone.  It’s nice to be able to worry about noone but yourself for a few moments.  

Retail therapy is fun 

If you have the ability to spend a little money, retail therapy is always exciting.  The key is to be smart about what you buy and how much money you spend. You don’t want your retail therapy to be just another source of stress in your life.  

Take a longer than usual bath 

Bathing is an excellent act of self-care.  Once the kids go to bed, spend longer than usual in a hot bath.  Make it a bubble bath, and light some candles to set the mood.  

Schedule bedtime strategically

You already know how important routine is for your children, and bedtimes are a useful tool for relaxation.  You want your children to get the recommended amount of sleep, and you want their sleep schedule to allow for some peace time every night before you have to go to bed.  Put your kids to bed at least two hours before you need to be in bed, so you have time to unwind before you sleep.  

Take time to journal daily

Journalling is a great way to get any stress or struggle in your mind out on paper.  Take at least fifteen minutes each day to write a little about your state of mind.  Write out any negativity you feel as well, so you don’t bottle it all up inside yourself.  

Listen to uplifting podcasts/music

Whenever you have a few moments, it’s helpful to listen to something uplifting and positive.  Check out some helpful podcasts, or listen to your favorite musical artist.