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Many of us have dreams and aspirations that, while nice, we are quite happy not to achieve. For example, we may wish to sing on a stage and become an international pop star, but this very singular ambition, while perhaps the final extension of a life we would like to live, in no way harms your ability to sing in a band, or to teach your children how to sing, or to live a fulfilled life. These kind of pivots in our life situation and the things we deem important is necessary and natural, or else we would struggle to prioritize anything. For some, moving to Los Angeles to make it in Hollywood with only $200 in the bank and a car to live in is not the lifestyle they hope to live, although for others it can be romantic.

That being said, you should never feel forced or shamed into giving up your dreams should you wish to realize them. In fact, sometimes being more realistic does not mean limiting your aspirations, but rather taking practical steps to properly realize them. Let’s consider what this might mean:

You Never Know How Far You Could Make It

It’s never a foregone conclusion as to how far you may make it, or what opportunities may present themselves. It could be that taking acting lessons with a local theatre group could help you star in plays that you may not have had access to otherwise, or learn more about yourself. Trace the professional lineage of many famous Hollywood actors, and you’ll see that things aren’t always so picture-perfect. For example, famous actor Matthew McConaughey was once scouted for his unique and film-worthy looks when enjoying some time out with his friends at a bar, and from there managed to launch his career.

Of course, while lucky breaks like this are the exception to the rule, it’s impossible to say that at least a little good luck isn’t on your side, or that you have zero ability to help generate that good luck. If you’re passionate about something, there’s a good chance you can learn that craft and potentially move closer to your dream than you realize.

Many Paths Forward Exist

It might be that while you are unable to join as a pilot in the military for whatever reason, you are more than eligible for top U.S. aviation courses provided you do not have a physical or eyesight issue that could prevent you from fulfilling this role, as these courses are extremely comprehensive and can line you up for the best career path.

Many paths forward exist. It’s very easy to think that we need to only occupy one role in order to be successful, but that’s not true. Say you are a budding writer. You wish to be known far and wide for your novels and poetry. You spend months writing, but can’t quite gain traction from your novels with the publishers. Is self-publishing them an option? How might you market them on your own behalf? How about instead of writing fantasy novels, you decide to jump into a niche genre such as true crime? What if you could be a contributor or even staff of a literary magazine? What about becoming a staff writer for an online blog you respect?

While not all skillsets have multiple practical uses, you would be surprised just how many do. As mentioned, even something as highly specific and singular as aviation can be applied in more than one way, and so it’s best not to dismiss your options and instead look to just what could make them tick in the first place.

Enjoying Your Lifestyle vs. Earning Plenty

Many of us hold dreams, but we may also not think them through. While we may picture being up on that shining stage, or enjoying that career path, or being the best professional that ever lived, do we have a full contextual understanding of what this means? Even the most seemingly successful Hollywood actors, usually used as the metric of fame and success, can find it hard to get things done in that industry, are aware of the corruption and questionable activities that take place there, and it can really affect them.

When trying to find a path forward, money can certainly be a motivator. You also shouldn’t feel guilty for admitting that. But is it all you could aim for? We would recommend that selecting something that helps you feel fulfilled despite the pay check is worth following, provided you can heighten your position in the skills ladder and allow it to sustain you. Enjoying your lifestyle is often much more appropriate than earning plenty, but of course, if you are able to gain health insurance and other protections from doing so, that’s not a bad thing either.

Your dreams, if properly thought out and contextualized in this manner, only become stronger and more worthwhile to think of. It shows that you’re willing to put practical thinking into your ambitions rather than allowing the shining lights of fame and fortune to disorient your approach.

There Is Likely A Practical Route Forward

You may not think it true, but there is likely a practical route forward. Our previous example of becoming a pilot can sometimes seem like a route reserved for those with a family history of aviators, or those who are naturally gifted. And yet an essential course exists to help you learn those skills and practice in the right setting always. This shows that no matter what your dream and ambitions are, there’s likely a system you can follow, a community you can join or a practice you can keep to try and realize those. You’re not plucking your ambitions from the ether provided they are grounded in this kind of reality.

With this advice, we hope you will never feel forced into giving up your dreams. After all, you never know how they could pan out.