About 61% of people wear glasses to help enhance their vision. Women of all ages even tend to prefer stylish frames over contact lenses.  

The right pair of glasses works to complement your look. Eyewear should fit your face, complexion, and personal sense of style. 

So, how do you choose the best pair of glasses? Read on to learn more about how to choose eyeglass frames.  

Don’t Ignore Your Prescription Type

Some people wear glasses solely for style reasons. Yet, most need them to help improve their eyesight. The best glasses get picked based on your prescription strength. Whether you are wearing glasses for style or for vision needs, Glasses2you has a wide variety of frames to choose from, and you can even get your existing glasses reglazed if you would prefer this route. 

Standard prescriptions often have the most flexibility in different sizing and styles. While stronger prescriptions tend to be more limited in choices. They may also call for thicker lenses with a frame style to support this.  

Those who need bifocals must ensure both of their prescriptions fit well into the lens. Progressive prescription glasses will need enough room for three different vision strengths. 

You want to pay attention to whether you have a positive or negative prescription as well. A negative prescription will likely make your eyes seem smaller. A positive one often results in bigger looking eyes. 

Note that needing a stronger prescription doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck without a stylish pair of glasses. Since the 1970s, the number of people who need glasses has jumped from 25% to 42%. So, frame designers have come a long way to find a variety of appealing styles and features. 

Start by Determining What Style You Like

You’re preferred style is an important factor for how to choose glasses. Do you often choose a more subtle look? Or do you like bolder accessories that tend to make a statement?

Glasses come in neutral colors, multi-colors, and fun prints. Some even have stylish details like studs or logos. 

It helps to check fashion blogs, Instagram feeds, and Pinterest boards for inspiration. Make an image gallery of your favorite designs to help you select a frame you’ll like. 

Remember to consider your own look as well when choosing an eyeglass frame. This includes how you wear your hair, your hair color, and if you have bangs. These features will impact the look of your glasses. 

The color of your frames should complement your complexion and hair color. Warmer skin tones look great in brown-colored frames. Cooler skin tones tend to shine in black or grey frames.   

Think About Your Face

The size and shape of your face are important for how to choose eyeglass frames. Eyeglasses for women can help to create contrast and compliment your facial features. The goal is for the glasses to help balance your face.  

Smaller faces or eyes may look overwhelmed with large frames. While larger features may not look best with small and sleek frames. 

Rounder shaped faces tend to look best with square styled frames. These style glasses have a nice slimming effect.  

Angular facial features often pair well with round frames. Some people with this face shape look great in rimless glasses.

Oval-shaped faces often need a thicker bridge for the frame. Yet, this face shape tends to look great in most styles.

Diamond-shaped faces can pull off cat eyeglasses well. Oval glasses also look great on this face shape. 

If the crown of your head is larger than your cheeks and chin you likely have a heart-shaped face. You may look best in frames that are oversized and heavier on the bottom.  

Get the Size Right

Proper sizing is one of the top tips for how to pick the right glasses frame for your face. The size of your frames should be proportional to your facial dimensions. The perfect frame fit is often equal to the width of your face. 

To determine the best size, consider the location of your features. This includes the length and width of your forehead and the space between your eyes. How wide or long your full face is will also come into play. 

You’ll likely need a taller frame to match a longer face. A wider frame will best complement a wider-sized face. 

Your eyes should sit in the top center of your lenses for the best look. As the optical centers of the lenses should sit at the right spot of the pupil. This position makes the glasses prescription most effective.  

Glasses should sit close enough to your face so they are snug. This should happen without the frames feeling uncomfortable. You shouldn’t feel any pressure on your face when wearing glasses.

The frame should rest lightly on your nose and ears. There should also be limited or no space where the frame sits on your nose. 

Choosing the wrong size glasses can result in discomfort. This happens from glasses being too tight or loose for your face. 

These problems can cause lenses to push against your eyelashes. Your glasses can also fall down your nose when you move. The wrong size glasses may even leave indents or red marks on your face.  

How to Choose Eyeglass Frames That Enhance Your Style

The first step in how to choose eyeglass frames comes down to your prescription strength. From here, you can make selections based on your style preferences and face size and shape.

You should also consider your eyewear budget and insurance coverage plan. This way you can choose between designer styles, custom frames, or budget-friendly pairs. You can always switch up your style with a few different pairs as well.

Looking for more personal style tips to enhance your lifestyle? Check out the fashion section of our blog for all the latest advice.