There aren’t many people who can say they like spiders. With around 40,000 different species of spiders, it’s not surprising they show up in our houses on a regular basis.

However, some of these spiders can be dangerous, and a quick bite can result in severe symptoms in some cases. So, it’s best to keep spiders out of our homes wherever possible.


Here are a few tips on how to get spiders out of your house.

Get the Ladybugs In

Gardens often attract the type of insects that spiders feast on. If your garden is close to your home entrances, spiders are likely to make their way in. However, if this is the case, ladybugs could be your answer.

Introducing ladybugs into your garden is one of the best ways to divert spiders elsewhere. Ladybugs are often quicker at devouring the same insects that spiders like to snack on, so the spiders will need to find their food in other gardens.

Essential Oils

Like many other pests, spiders aren’t too fond of essential oils. Peppermint oil is an excellent choice for when you start to get spiders in the home. For insects, the scent of peppermint is overpowering and they’ll often try to avoid it.

Add a few drops of peppermint oil to water and spray it wherever the spiders are. You can also block any holes or entrances for spiders with cotton wool balls soaked in the oil.


Have you ever moved a box to find a spider and its webs behind it? Most common types of spiders love to make a home for themselves in amongst clutter. 

Making sure your home is clutter-free and clean will mean there aren’t many places for spiders to hide. Similarly, keeping the exterior of your house clean will mean there isn’t any vegetation for spiders to cling to.

Adopt a Pet

Not only are cats and dogs fantastic companions, but they’re also experts at finding and killing spiders. Most pet owners don’t have to worry about spiders entering their properties because they’re often killed before they’re noticed.

When it comes to dangerous spiders, many pets are aware of which spiders to stay away from and will warn you by barking or hissing. 


Similarly to essential oils, vinegar is another smell that often repels spiders. Most people tend to have vinegar in their kitchen cupboards, so it’s easy to put your hands on when you need something in a hurry.

If you notice more than one spider in your home, you can use vinegar along doors and windows to stop spiders from crossing the threshold. Dilute vinegar with water and spray it along entrances during peak spider seasons.

The Best Tips for How to Get Spiders out of Your House

When you want to know how to get spiders out of your house, the oldest tried and true methods often work best. You don’t have to pay a fortune for spider repellants. Take a look at some more great ways to keep your home in tip-top shape.