Feng Shui, also called Chinese geomancy which is a pseudoscience that originated from ancient China. According to Chinese belief, Feng shui uses positive energy to perfectly blend every person to their surrounding environment. 

One of the five Chinese arts of metaphysics, Feng shui is classified as physiognomy which means the observation of appearances through calculations. The practice of Feng shui is all about the undetectable forces that tie the earth, universe, and humanity which is called qi. According to Feng shui practitioner, a Qi is an important force creating part of any living thing.

If you want to protect your house from negative elements there are many feng shui ways to deal with that. Negative energy is both made from human emotion and home structure and by doing some feng shui practice, all of those negative energy will be gone and here are the lists of the best feng shui furniture that you need to have for your house.

Clearing up your space

Before you add some feng shui furniture into your house, you need to first remove all things that provide negative energy or even those things that you don’t use anymore just to add up some extra space to your house. A crowded house is not comfortable for the eyes.

You should also remove those things that you have a sad memory or experience so that you will not remember it again. It is easy to forget as long as you don’t have the things that would help you remind. Space clearing is simple and you just do that in just a day so you better do that before adding your new furniture.

Feng shui salt water cure

One of the most popular feng shui cures from the classical or traditional study of feng shui. This saltwater cure can neutralize any potential negative energy in your house, business, and office. The best place you can put your feng shui salt water is in your kitchen, bedroom, front door, living room, or any area of the house where you and your family spend a lot of time.

The saltwater cure is so powerful because salt is an ancient mineral that has precious properties that have powerful cleansing properties. Salt can also be used as body purification treatments since it can absorb negative energy.

Pi Yao

Also called Pi Xiu, this item is also one of the most powerful and effective feng shui items. According to feng shui practitioners, the Pi Yao is one of the few feng shui cures used in the flying stars school that can protect against negative energy called Grand Duke. The Pi Yao is also an effective feng shui cure that can attract wealth which is good if you have a business.

Medicine Buddha

If you love feng shui and you are enjoying its capabilities then this medicine buddha should also be part of your list of feng shui furniture. If you wanted to know about the feng shui application then you should know that every little information is important to have a successful feng shui cure to your house.

As you all know, there is a lot of feng shui buddha and the medicine buddha is entirely different from the Kwan Yin and the laughing buddha and they have there individual purpose and usage. As the name implies, the Medicine Buddha is for healing and it provides great positive energy which is perfect for people who as experiencing illnesses.

Quan Yin

One of the most popular and also known as one of the major deities in Buddhism, the Quan Yin. Named as the Goddess of compassion and mercy, this item not only well known in mainland China but also other countries like Malaysia, Japan, and Korea.

The energy of Quan Yin produce is like a mother protecting its child that provides protection, love, and compassion. And according to the legend, even Quan Yin has the chance to go to heaven, she sacrificed it just to help humankind to see the right path in life that is why until know she is still here helping everyone.

Metal Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are also famous in terms of feng shui cure, and there are a lot of ways where you can use a wind chime. A wind chime is a perfect remedy for curing and suppressing negative energy. 

It can also help add positive energy to your place and the best area to place a wind chime is outdoors. You can put it on your terrace, garden or any place outdoor that you usually stay. For more information about this stuff, you can also visit or check mysteriousheartland.com. They provide mysterious and informative topics just like this one.


There’s no place like home and that is why you need to protect your house and make it free from any negative energies that might ruin everything. Putting these feng shui curing items in your house will help you live wonderfully and peacefully without having any major problems.