A dental crown is a cap like structure of a tooth that is made with special materials to protect the weak, damaged or crooked teeth. It can stay put for many years (10-17 years) and save your teeth structure from getting ruined which is why it is ideal for people of all ages; adults and even children. Crowns are made of different materials and are made in the dental labs. The dental crown can cover the entire tooth except for the part in gums area of course, so that it adjusts into the mouth just like a natural tooth. A dental crown not only saves the structure and health of your teeth, but also function aesthetically as well. There are various reasons why people prefer getting a dental crown and opt for it so easily despite the cost of it. Here are some of the reasons the dentist might recommend you get a dental crown for your teeth.



At any instant you feel or see the symptoms of a cavity, it means that the tooth is literally calling out for a visit to the dentist. According to newyorktotaldental.com, cavities are dangerous because the damage forms holes in the teeth exposing nerves. If you have a large cavity, chances are the tooth will be filled through and it will weaken the structure further which means it is weak. This can be covered by the help of a dental crown. A crown can protect your tooth from any external bacteria attacks and even save you from getting your tooth extracted. Dentists try best to save your natural teeth at best, and for that, crowns are the best way to cope.

Root Canal

When you are treated with a root canal, your teeth are extracted or hollowed out of the structure which makes it vulnerable to cracking. Root canals are sometimes necessary to prevent further diseases therefore it cannot be avoided. But to cover up the damage, crowns are used to strengthen the teeth. So, if your doctor has recommended you to get a root canal, know that it’s time to get a crown as well.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Crooked or chipped tooth not always are treated with dental crowns. It is only in the case that the crack or chipping is so deep in the tooth that it is causing damage to the structure; only then dental crowns are suggested to prevent any further damage. There is a cracked tooth syndrome as well that is caused by fractures in the teeth due to stress and can even spread to the nerve of your tooth causing severe pain.

For the Aesthetics

These days, crowns and restoration processes are not only about oral health, but also about cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. People have the urge to look and feel better, and for this they are willing to go at all lengths. Even actors, models, celebrities all get dental crowns. This is used on discolored teeth by applying whitening pastes, professional scaling, or even bleaching (dental).

But if the cases are extreme, for example in case of severe discoloration and root canals, or any stains on the teeth, the normal and basic grooming treatments don’t work. Rather dental crowns are used to cover up the teeth. You can pick your materials, from porcelain to silver to gold, there are custom made crowns for you to groom your smile.

Why it’s important to understand when you need a crown

Sometimes, the recommendation of a dental crown by a doctor is based on single judgement; even though you can feel the clinical signs are not in you favor of getting a crown. The case is that dental crowns are costly, and for some dentists, it might have become a center of monetary attraction as well. This leads them to create situations in which you require a dental crown when you don’t actually need it. Going with the flow along to get a dental crown is not a good option because it can create complications in oral health as well. Therefore, it is important to learn and look for the reasons yourself to avoid any future trouble. A second opinion is always regarded as a smart decision and that too from a specialist so that you know the complete picture of things. A dental crown procedure should never be done without a proper and justified explanation; which can easily be proven by x-rays and tests. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a professional dentist to get some advice from, be sure to check out the Inspired Dentistry of Charlotte clinic.