Do you think you’re outgrowing your starter home? If you have a larger family, it’s time to upsize. You might wonder: Where should I buy a bigger house?

You’re having another baby? Or maybe your parents need to move in with you for extra help?

With the extra bodies in the house, you’re wondering “should I buy a bigger house?”

You have your starter home but you realize that it’s feeling a little small. No one has their own space and everyone feels like they are a little bit in each other’s faces.

If that sounds familiar to you, continue reading this article and we will talk more about upsizing your home as well as cities that you might consider moving to.

Things to Consider Before Making the Move

Before you make the move, it’s important that you think about all the things that are going to change when you move. You should also think about the factors that matter most when you’re choosing your home.

Financial Impact

Getting a bigger house means increasing the amount of money you put out each month as well. If you don’t consider the financial impact of your new home, you might be biting off more than you can chew.

You might think about the higher mortgage you’re going to have with your new, bigger home but there is more to think about than that.

Your electric, gas and water bills will all be larger than when you’re in a smaller house. You’ll have to buy more furniture to fill the larger home as well as more decor and other household essentials.

Your bigger house likely has a bigger yard which will require a bigger lawnmower and other appropriate lawn equipment.

Before you start home shopping, check to see if you can afford the home along with everything else that comes with it.

Where You Want to Move

Finding the perfect city for you and your family means putting together a list of facts about each area you’re considering. If you have school-aged children, the school district and educational opportunities are likely something that is at the top of your list of important things to look at in each area.

If you love the snow or you enjoy higher elevations you will look in different parts of the country vs. if you’re a sand and surf type of person.

Home’s Resale Value

Even though you want to buy and live in your home right now, your situation might change in the future. If your kids grow up or your parents are no longer with you, you might decide it is time to downsize. Even having too much maintenance might make it difficult for you to stay in your big home.

If you want to sell your house in the future, you need to make sure your home has a healthy resale value.

When you buy your home at a good price, you’ll be able to sell it without losing money. You might even be able to make a profit if you got a good deal and paid attention to what the trends in the area are looking like.

Maintaining Your Home

Your home’s maintenance is another major thing you need to think about before you buy it. Do you have the time or money necessary to keep up with everything required to keep your house working and looking good?

Do You Really Need Extra Space?

When you’re trying to figure out whether you need a bigger house or not, you should think about whether you need the extra space or if you can make your current space work for you.

What do you need the extra space for? Do you need more space to store your things or do you want more bedrooms?

If you think you need a new house because you need more storage space, instead of getting a bigger house, maybe consider renting a storage room for a few bucks a month? You’ll get the storage you need without having the expense of a new home.

You can also check to see if you need everything you have in your house. You may have too much furniture that is making your home difficult to walk through. Too much decor can also make your home feel crowded.

Instead of getting a new house, would a renovation be more helpful? Even doing one renovation could make a big difference and make your home livable.

You may have the space you need but if you aren’t using it efficiently, it could feel like you don’t have any space at all. Use vertical space to store your things and to put your decor up higher so it isn’t down in your way but you still get the enjoyment of it.

How to Upsize Your Home

If you do decide that you want to upsize your home, make a list of the things you want from your new home. Being clear about the features and functions that are necessary will make it easier for you to find your new home.

Look at your finances and visit some open houses to get a feel for what you like. Also, consider working with a real estate agent to get the exact home you’re looking for.

Should I Buy a Bigger House? – Now You Know

Now you understand more about buying a bigger house. You can come to your answer to “Should I buy a bigger house?” You’re the only one that can truly say whether it’s the right time for you to buy a house because no two families are the same.

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