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Combining work with family life is definitely a challenge. But for many reasons, as women we are increasingly choosing to combine work with raising kids, whether through economic necessity or because we want to provide good working role models or because we need the mental stimulation and learning that work brings. The secret sauce that makes it all possible is flexible working, so if you work in a career that doesn’t offer that, you may be thinking of joining the growing wave of ‘mompreneurs’ choosing to set up their own businesses which work around family life. Being a mom has already given you hugely valuable skills that you can translate into business success – and almost 10 million female business owners already out there can testify to this. So how do you know if the life of a mompreneur is for you? 

Begin With A Passion 

The ingredient that all successful businesses have in common? A passion for what they do. Creating a business is a wonderful opportunity to set up something which aligns with your vision and values and that will enable you to work and live in the way that best suits your family. Think about your existing talents and skills and how you could apply them to a new business. If you’re super organised and love a good list, could you make a great virtual PA business? If you have a talent for words, could you put that into a copywriting business? Are you great at making something you could sell? Or could you set up a consultancy service in an area that you already work in? Think laterally about what you have to offer and identify the gaps in the market. How will you do think differently? What niche will you serve best? If you have a passion for what you are doing and you believe that you can bring something different to the table, it can help to keep you going when things get tough and will give you a sense of mission that potential customers and clients will find easier to connect with. 

Build Your Brand 

Once you’ve decided on what you want to do and researched your business plan, you should start spreading the word about what you have to offer. A professional website is an absolute must for connecting you to customers, whether it’s an eCommerce platform to set up an online boutique or a portfolio site which shows off business services to potential clients. Working with a professional agency such as Ignite Digital can help you to make sure your website is fully optimised for search and has lots of quality content that will attract interest. 

Live Your Priorities 

Launching your own business is a great way to make money and boost the family finances, but it can be a little like having another child sometimes. One thing all mompreneurs need to get good at is learning how to prioritise on a daily basis. Use time management techniques like the Pareto Principle to make sure that you’re using your time well. Try to make a rule of focusing only on work at a certain time and only on your family at others – try to keep those boundaries for the sake of your own sanity!