We recently visited family in Seattle, and one of the things on our list to do was go on a bike ride along Alki Beach.  On one of the warmer August days, we had some free time in the evening, and decided a leisurely bike ride would be fun.  (Let me tell you, it was more of a derby!)

We parked a few blocks from Wheel Fun Rentals, and checked in. You can rent from a variety of bikes, and everyone is provided with helmets.

Soon enough we were all set up and ready to go.  We had three adults, two kids, and a dog in our Double Surrey!  One person drives, although there are two steering wheels.

The neat thing about biking down Alki beach is that there is a great path with a great view.  You can literally see the Space Needle and the rest of the waterfront off in the distance.

The ride was very pleasant, and the cart is equipped with a bell in case you need to alert others on the path that you are passing etc.  The kids turned the ride into a bit of a race (even though we weren’t actually racing anyone), but considering how much fun they were having, I considered it a success!

The bike path follows the waterfront, with lots to see along the way, from people with their dogs to interesting homes (like this one covered in flowers).

We also enjoyed a beautiful sunset view.

When we were done, we returned our cart to the rental place.  It will be fun to do this again if we return to Alki Beach or another location (as they have locations throughout the United States).

Check out Wheel Fun at https://wheelfunrentals.com/