The best accessory worn on your face is your smile. Wearing and flashing a big beautiful smile is contagious and will trigger happy smiles all around you. It is even said that you use up more muscles frowning compared to smiling. You should therefore smile for these reasons and also for your beauty. A smiling face is happy and the most beautiful female face you will set your eyes on.

To smile better, we’ll let you in on the best kept smile secrets:

1. Floss and brush daily

You should brush your teeth twice daily and floss once at night. Start by holding your brush at 45 degrees for the brush bristles to reach your gum line. This will help in removing plaque. Brush for at least two minutes, including the back of your teeth. 

2. Whiten your teeth

Yelp page reviews for an Aurora CO dental care clinic shows a high number of people satisfied with the teeth whitening procedures offered and how they can smile bigger and better. You can also be one of these people.

Ensure that the whitening product used is ADA approved and you shouldn’t overuse if as you will suffer from enamel and underlying dentin damage. 

Alternatively, you can go for cheap and readily available home remedies that whiten teeth. The best strategy is eating crunchy veggies and fruits. These act as natural exfoliators and they will scrub off all plaque stains from your teeth. For instance, pineapples have bromelain, an effective stain removal enzyme.

3. Spread the cheer

By fostering happy feelings, you will be able to share this with the rest of the world. Your smile represents your inner happiness outwardly and it is why you will find it hard to smile when sad. When you are happy, you should spend time with happy people, they will infect you with a smiley/happy face. You should also take pleasure in simple things, and practice mindful meditation. These practices result in the biggest smiles that enhance beauty.

4. Healthy living

A visit to dental clinics offering family dentistry will second this. Healthy eating is the first step to good oral health. Strong teeth and healthy gums are a result of healthy fruits, foods, and vegetables rich in vitamins A, Bs, C, or minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and coenzyme Q10. These foods also cleanse your teeth and mouth. Additionally, incorporating a tongue scraper into your oral care routine can further enhance the cleanliness of your mouth. By using the tongue scraper, you can effectively remove bacteria and residue from your tongue, promoting fresher breath and better oral hygiene. So, along with maintaining a healthy diet, consider utilizing a tongue scraper to maximize the benefits of good oral health and enjoy a cleaner mouth.

Exercising is part of healthy living. It strengthens bones and increases blood circulation to all parts of your body.

5. Maintain a fresh breath

Bad breath tanks beauty immediately. It is caused by bacteria and gives off an unpleasant sulfur smell. Avoid too much garlic or onions. You should however resort to green and black teas that reduce sulfur levels. I would suggest pu’erh tea from Hey China, as it boasts a myriad of other health benefits.

6. Get rid of cavities

An unpleasant lifestyle induced dental problem. Oil pulling using coconut oil has been effective in killing bacteria that cause cavities. You should also drink more water to clean cavities and get rid of germs.

In conclusion, a beautiful smile as a result of good dental health is possible. Your Dentist in Indialantic will advise on whitening, root canals, or implants for restoration but without the smile, you won’t look as beautiful.  They will advise on whitening, root canals, or implants for restoration but without the smile, you won’t look as beautiful. Besides the above secrets, you should also upgrade your old fillings, consider cosmetic fixes, and straighten your smile.