The cold winter months can be harsh, especially on your vehicle. If your car or truck is not prepared for winter, you could experience costly breakdowns or premature wear. Get your car ready, and save money by applying these helpful tips:

Winter snow city

Invest in Good Snow Tires

While you can skimp on certain things, you should never opt for cheap snow tires. Spend the extra few dollars on quality, brand name tires. Most times they will be guaranteed and will outlast cheaper brands. Wait for them to go on sale, look for online coupons, or consider buying lightly used brand name tires. Having good traction is key to keeping you and your family safe. If money is an issue, considering getting an online loan from that can be paid back slowly.

Regularly Check the Air in Your Tires

Typically, every temperature drop of 10-degrees Fahrenheit results in the decrease of 1-2 pounds per square inch of air pressure in your tires. It’s recommended to inflate your tires to their maximum level during the winter months. Many gas stations have air stations that can be used to put air in your tires. This will only cost you a few dollars and could save you a lot of money by preventing blow outs.

Get Your Oil Changed

One of the best ways to prepare your car for the winter is by having the oil changed. During the colder months, your car’s engine will need to work harder. If your oil level is low, it can cause your engine to seize up. Before the snow starts to fall, make sure to have your oil changed to avoid any costly fixes.

Have Your Battery Tested

Most auto-part stores will test your battery for free. It is a service they offer in hopes that you will buy a battery from them. While you might not need a new battery, this is a great way to see if your car is ready for winter. A battery that is weak can stop producing electricity when the temperature drops. Make sure to take your battery in to get tested as soon as possible.

Buy Used Snow Chains

Snow chains can be expensive if purchased when they are new. If you live in a remote area and could truly benefit from chains on your tires, why not buy some slightly used ones? This will help get your car or truck ready for the deep, powdery snow, and keep more money in your pocket.

If you live in an area where winters are harsh, make sure to start winterizing your car today. Get ready to take the road slowly and safely and keep your money in your pocket!