When you contemplate spending your summer breaks in a foreign destination while attending a summer course, you might not immediately know where you should picture yourself. These courses are available in so many locations nowadays that making a decision can seem overwhelming. But instead of trying to figure out every place, focus on the popular choices. It will make your job way easy. During summertime, you can witness some incredible common sights here. For instance, people gorging on their strawberries while punting down the river, and the students cycling their way through the large crowd with panniers stuffed with books are to name a few.

When you dream about Cambridge, you cannot do away with these beautiful views. Then, the effervescent market square and the charm of historic buildings all over are impossible not to notice. As far as the choice of subjects and teaching style goes, you know that it’s one of the best places to be studying. In essence, many unique things set Cambridge apart from other destinations. Let’s explore them one by one here.


Cambridge generally receives 576mm of rainfall annually. Surrounded by the wetlands previously (called the Fens), the town experiences a distinctive climate condition in its fenland areas. In 2016, the city had over 286 pumping stations and 3,800 miles of rivers. The embankments on the river and sea protect the area from floods. Since the height of these dams is low, defending the city during high tide becomes essential. Plus, being a low-lying area, Cambridge mostly remains misty and foggy. The winds also tend to be stronger here because of the mostly flat surfaces and fewer obstructions.


Located only 75 m above sea level, Cambridge offers exciting cycling opportunities due to its flatter surface. From here, you can reach London in 45 minutes through a fast train to King’s Cross. Then, there are several cathedrals in areas like Norwich, Bury St Edmunds, Peterborough, and Ely. If you want to spend your break in a small and quaint place, it’s undoubtedly the perfect choice. The Mill Road is quite silent here compared to a similar site in the neighbourhood. The nightlife is also pretty exciting as you get to see lots of students there because of their high population.

If you look at the structures also, you will notice that buildings look different from each other because of the lack of use of local stone. Overall, you get friendly vibes in this place whether you walk or cycle around.


Of the various opportunities, punting down the River Cam can be your favourite choice. It can expose you to some of the most mesmerising views of the downtown. Additionally, since the river runs directly through the city, you can expect your punting experience to be unique. If you don’t do this, you don’t enjoy summer in its real sense here.


The city has many top-notch museums for you to explore during your free time. From classical sculptures to equipment, you can come across a vast range of exhibits there. For example, if you go to the Polar Museum, you get to see items that polar explorers used in their time. The memories of these visits can remain etched forever in your mind after the summer course is over, and you leave Cambridge.


Cambridge summer courses are for children aged 11 to 18. The choice of topics is extensive with opportunities to learn architecture, biology, creative writing, English literature, history, geography, law, international relations, economics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, maths, management, medicine, and others in a profound manner. Teachers from top universities, such as Cambridge, Oxford, and other places can be there to guide you and prepare you for your undergraduate degrees or career. However, since the choice of subjects can be different for different age groups, do make sure to check the availability of the one you can be interested in pursuing.

Diverse cultural milieu

Cambridge is one of the hottest education destinations, attracting students from all over the globe. If you do a course here, you are most likely to encounter about 100 or more types of nationalities. Talking to them, spending time with them, and learning with them can be a different experience in itself because everyone carries distinctive cultural values and insights. Also, this kind of opportunity can give a new direction and meaning to your life because you witness something unusual from your typical lifestyle.

To be getting ready to do a summer program is a massive decision by itself. But you don’t have to keep it dull. The selection of location can be the real differentiator in terms of the relief that you might seek after an intense class or discussion.