If your once spacious home is beginning to feel small and cramped as your family grows it may be time to take action.

When it comes to room in your house – space is at a premium. As we go through our lives we end up accumulating more and more possessions which you then need to find space for. Changes in career, moving in with partners, having children and simply experiencing life can all make your home feel smaller as more and more “stuff” appears to take up valuable space. You don’t want to be faced with the huge cost of moving home, so what is the solution?


We are constantly being told by magazines and life coaches that the secret to happiness in the home is to de-clutter and have a minimalist home. It’s amazing just how much stuff we can cram into our homes but when your house is beginning to feel cramped, a good de-clutter can give you back the space in your home that you need for a calmer more ordered life. 

Once you have sorted through all your belongings you may not want to throw it all away and so a self-storage unit could be the answer. You can store some of your more valued possessions in a secure storage unit while you decide just what to do with them – perhaps selling them to boost your income or saving them to pass to your children.

Keeping important things safe

The older we get the more important information and documents we need to keep safe. Whether it is birth certificates and marriage documents, or stocks, shares and bonds- they all need to be kept safe. Paperwork that you need to keep can take up a surprisingly large amount of valuable room in your home. I have a large 4-drawer filing cabinet and it never seems to be enough. These valuable documents can be all kept safe in one place within a self-storage unit where they can be accessed at any time and you won’t run the risk of them being accidentally thrown away.

Unexpected guests

You never know what life will throw at you and you may find that children who have already flown the nest end up returning and needing a place to stay. Maybe your child is returning from university with a van load of their own furniture or needs a place to live after a failed relationship but they also own an entire house worth’s of their own possessions. Your house is only so big so renting a cheap self-storage unit can be the perfect place to store your house guest’s furniture until they find their own place.

Switching up the décor

Self-storage units are the ideal place to store large pieces of furniture which don’t quite fit your home décor but you can’t bear to part with. If you are a fan of changes the appearance of your home regularly then you may want to use a self-storage unit to store items of furniture which you can then swap in and out of your home as your change your décor. Keep your home looking fresh and stylish without needing to work around bulky items of furniture.

If your home is beginning to feel small and cramped then off-loading some of your valued possessions into a safe, secure and monitored storage unit can give you back some precious space in your home.