Planning to go on a vacation? Don’t book a ticket to your usual vacation getaway! Why not consider traveling to the Philippines instead?

Don’t fret if you’ve never been there or if you don’t know any Philippines travel guides. It’s a country where most people can go by themselves and get around even if they don’t speak the native language. 

But can you do and where can you go once you get there? We’ve got you covered! Read on below and discover the beauty of a trip to the Philippines:

Why Visit the Philippines?

The Philippines gained its popularity for its tropical beaches, cuisine, and hospitable residents. In fact, hospitality is a career now for Filipinos. Filipinos make up a large percentage of the world’s nurses!

You should also keep in mind that the climate in the Philippines also makes it ideal for a vacation. It’s tropical all-year-round, meaning it’s never too hot or too cold. You can enjoy the sandy beaches and mountain hiking trails at any time of the year!

Filipinos are also great at speaking English.

It’s one of the main languages in the country and schools teach it from primary to college. In some cities, like Baguio and Angeles, people speak English more than the native Filipino tongue. You won’t get lost because even street vendors can converse in English.

Where to Go in the Philippines?

There are over 7,641 islands in the Philippines and the population inhabits roughly 2,000 of them. Fortunately, even though this is a vast archipelago, you can easily find flights and accommodations through services like World Roamer.

But, where should you go?

If you want to enjoy somewhere cold, high up in the mountains, then make sure to visit Baguio City. It’s the Summer Capital of the Philippines for a reason! Every February you can watch the flower parade and join in on the flower festival too.

There are hundreds of great beach islands too. Two of the most popular places include El Nido and Puerto Princesa, both on the island of Palawan. There is also Boracay, a beach destination favored by tourists and celebrities.

Looking for places lingering with touches of the old world? You can go to Vigan, filled with its ancient buildings. There is also the option to go to Intramuros, the walled city that originated during the Spanish regime. 

What to Do in the Philippines?

The Philippines is rich in activities. Every region and city has its own festival and cuisine. You could plan a whole year’s worth of travel in order to attend each of the major festivals.

Most of the Philippine cuisine comes from Spanish origins, given how Spain ruled over the country for more than 300 years. You’ll find Japanese, Chinese, and American influences too.

However, there is no other Filipino dish more popular than “letson baboy,” which refers to a manually roasted pig on a stake. The end result is a crispy meal that very few other places can replicate.

Visiting the beach isn’t the only thing to do. If you do go swimming, you can dive for sunken ships dating from World War II or spend time with whale sharks!

The Philippines has tons of old churches, many dating from the 1600 and 1700s. 

Plan a Philippines Travel Adventure Today!

Why go to the same old vacation spots when you go on an adventure in the Philippines? There are a lot of fun things to do, sights to see, and islands to visit!

It’s okay if you’ve never been there before. There are Philippines travel guides and helpful locals to keep you on the right track. Of course, if you want more in-depth help, why not check out our other articles today?