Although you may have meant every word when you said our wedding vows, sometimes things just don’t work out.  In some cases, your relationship may be worth sticking around and fighting for, while in other cases, it’s clear that it’s time to call it quits.

Some people may be in unhappy relationships for decades, not realizing that the telltale signs were in front of them the entire time.

If you’ve been wondering whether your marriage is worth sticking around and fighting for or whether it’s time to get a divorce, then look for these red flags. 

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You Don’t Trust Each Other

A marriage is built on trust and respect. Without the two, you might as well be alone. The idea of having a life partner is to jump life’s hurdles together. How can you expect to conquer the hurdles that life throws at you if you don’t know whether your partner has your back?

If you decide to get divorced, you’ll feel liberated, and part of this liberation means giving yourself all the love you deserve! Part of this process can involve changing your last name back to your maiden name.

Without trust, you’ll start to grow bitter, and you’ll wind up resenting each other. If you’ve lost all trust and respect for each other, then you should consider whether it’s time to walk away. 

Abusive Behavior

If you or your partner are abusive, then it’s important to know that this is not normal or acceptable behavior. What’s worse is justifying physical or emotional abuse. There is no excuse for intentionally hurting the people that we love.

No matter how sorry you or your partner may be, yet they keep repeating the same abusive behaviors, it’s time to start considering divorce. 

Lack Of Intimacy

It’s typical for couples’ sex lives to begin to wane the longer they’re together.  Their children may take up more of their schedules, or maybe it’s not as much of a priority as it was in their younger years.

However, when it’s stopped happening altogether for no reason at all, then it’s a bad sign. A relationship without any sort of physical intimacy might as well be two roommates living together.

Physical intimacy includes cuddling, gentle touch, or even simple hugs. If your relationship has become absent all physical connection, then you’re probably headed towards the end of the road in your love story. 


Infidelity isn’t usually the reason for divorce but a symptom of a bigger problem that’s been building up. When couples lose their spark or connection, they start looking to replace what they once had with someone else. 

In some cases, couples choose to work through infidelity; however, if it keeps happening, then it’s clear your marriage isn’t working.