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I have always loved classical music, inspired by my grandmother.  She raised me on classical music, and I have fond memories of listening to Pachabel’s Canon at a very young age. I later went on to study music theory in college and am now sharing that love for music with my kids.

Little Creatures: An Introduction to Classical Music is a new book-with-music from The Secret Mountain.

The book pairs five centuries of music history with stunning illustrations of fascinating little creatures—insects, arachnids, and amphibians; wasps, butterflies, frogs, and snakes. Like the award-winning and New York times acclaimed Listen to the Birds, this book-with-music offers an original and exciting way for young listeners to discover awe-inspiring classical music and how animals and insects have inspired composers.

This book is written by Ana Gerhard, concert pianist and music educator.  She brings music to the pages of this book, giving kids the chance to learn about classical music.  She has written several other books, including Listen to the Birds, Simply Fantastic and Amazing Water, all of which have won awards, including Parents’ Choice and NAPPA Awards.

Illustrated by Mauricio Gómez Morín, this hardcover book has 72 pages full of beautiful images.  The pictures are bright and fun, with whimsical interpretations of the animals playing instruments.

This book also contains a glossary of musical terms, a short biography of each composer, and a CD (plus a unique code for the digital download) for 20 musical excerpts.  These pieces are performed by the likes of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the Liverpool Philharmonic and the Nashville Symphony.

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“Little Creatures” Book

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