We love going to shows as a family, and were excited to check out the new Jurassic World Live! show at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY this October.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, since we have never seen a show like this before!  There was an interesting storyline about scientists and dinosaurs.  The sets are well done, transporting the audience from the lab to the jungle.

There is a lot of action at the show, from dinosaurs to cast members.  There are lots of stunts, and the cast members had some great moves, plus there were motorcycle stunts, a gyrosphere, and other special effects.

There was a great variety of dinosaurs, from small to large, from carnivores to this herbivorous Stegosaurus mom and her adorable baby.

T-rex made a very impressive visit to the stage!  Everyone loved hearing his thunderous roar and pounding footsteps.

There are lots of great effects, from sounds to fog and pyrotechnics.

I think this is a great, family-friendly show, and it is nice to see something unique.  Whether your kids are dinosaur enthusiasts or you are just looking for a fun show to enjoy, Jurassic World Live is an entertaining treat!


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