It’s difficult to buy a gift for a loved one in a nursing home. Fortunately, there are many gifts for nursing home residents. Here are the best ideas!

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, you might find that selecting the right gift for them can be difficult. You don’t want to give him or her something that they won’t really use or don’t need. So, what do our loved ones in nursing homes need?

You might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of gifts perfect for those in nursing homes. Although everyone is different, there are several items that just about any nursing home resident would appreciate. What are the best gifts for nursing home residents?

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To find out, continue reading below. We’ve put together a list of some of the most desirable items from those living in nursing homes!

  1. A Few Moments of Your Time

Number one on our list is your time. Yes, that’s right. Many of our loved ones living in nursing homes simply want a moment of our time. 

Think about it, they’re stuck couped up in their room or in the building all day long for the most part. Unless you and other friends or family members are making the trip out there to visit daily, your loved one is most likely feeling a bit lonely. Sometimes, the best gift that you can give is your company.

Consider bringing a couple of magazines with you or anything personal that you’d like to show him or her. They’ll love having the chance to see what new drawings you’ve made, what new photos you’ve taken, and more.

  1. Games to Play or Activities to Do 

If you’d like to bring them something that they’ll use regularly, consider bringing them games to play or purchasing an activity for them to do. What was your loved one’s favorite board game to play when you were growing up? Search the stores for this and a few others to bring over to the nursing home. 

You can also visit the local thrift store for cheap, yet fun games. You might even come across some games that you’ve never heard of, but your loved one knows how to play it like a pro! There are also activities that you can schedule to do with your loved one. 

If you’re allowed to take your loved one out for the day, then consider purchasing an activity for you two to do together. This could be visiting a nearby butterfly garden, for example. You should also see what activities the nursing home has to offer and engage in those activities during your visit. 

Find out more about what activities the nursing home has to offer before visiting so you can better prepare for the day.

  1. Personal Care Items

Personal care items are another great gift for those residing in nursing homes. Although they have access to a few personal items at the nursing home, they might not have everything that they need or the kind of personal care items that they like. 

These kinds of items are some of the most requested items from those in nursing homes. Just keep in mind that some residents have allergies, so you’ll want to choose something with either no scent or a very mild scent when selecting items such as lotions, soaps, or perfumes and colognes. 

Also, keep in mind that some containers can be very difficult to open for your loved one. Try to purchase items with pumps or other easy-to-open features.

  1. Entertainment 

Are you a musical artist? If not, do you know someone who is? If you think hard enough, you can probably think of someone who plays the guitar or sings well. If this is the case, have them or yourself volunteer to perform for the nursing home. 

Song and music are two wonderful things to life anyone’s mood. If you don’t feel like performing, consider bringing other forms of entertainment. Other forms of entertainment can include, movies, old TV shows, and a DVD player, VHS player, or CD player if needed. 

Not all nursing homes have these devices so make sure that you don’t need to bring them before arriving. Ask your loved one or think of their favorite movie or TV show and surprise them with it. They might not have seen it in a while and will be thrilled to watch it with you. 

  1. A Bird Feeder

Because your loved one most likely spends a majority of his or her time in his or her room, the view from the window is important. Your loved one might spend time nature watching or people watching from the room. However, there’s not always something right outside the window to keep him or her entertained. 

You can fix this though. Consider purchasing a bird feeder to place outside the window. It’ll attract birds from all around and other critters as well. Your loved one will enjoy watching the animals come up to the feeder to have a little snack here and there. 

Speak with the nursing home before placing the bird feeder on the lawn. There shouldn’t be a problem with it, but it’s always nice to ask first.

Choose One of These Gifts for Nursing Home Residents for Your Loved One!

When’s the next time you plan on visiting your loved one? Be sure to bring one of these gifts for nursing home residents with you. Your loved one will be so excited to not only see you but to receive one of these incredible gift ideas!

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