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Flu season is here, and everyone is vulnerable. If you truly wish to protect your family’s health, it’s vital that you take the necessary precautions. Otherwise, it will be afternoons spent on the sofa wrapped up in a duvet with acetaminophen.

So, what can be done to reduce the risks of contracting the influenza virus? Here’s all you need to know.

#1. Get The Flu Jab

Flu is the only respiratory illness that can be prevented by vaccination. Therefore, booking an appointment to see your local medical expert is highly advised. For the sake of a single visit and a very small fee, it could go a long way to protecting you throughout the winter.

The vaccination isn’t guaranteed to stop all flu symptoms, as it will be focused on a specific strand of the virus. If another strand spreads across the country, you may still get sick. Nonetheless, the chances are far smaller when you have had the jab. Just be prepared for minor symptoms in the immediate aftermath.

#2. Stay Clean

Flu is usually contracted through germs passed on by another person. While you probably fear the threat of people coughing into your face, the more common dangers come from our hands. When people wipe their mouths and then touch furniture or handrails, it puts anyone that touches it at risk.

It’s impossible to stop others from passing germs onto your surroundings. Therefore, it’s essential that you go the extra mile to stay clean. Carry an antibacterial gel with you at all times and use it. You may also look at ideas such as wearing a mask when using public transport to prevent inhaling germs from others.

#3. Treat The Home

In addition to taking care in public spaces, you must pay attention to the home too. Even if you live a hectic lifestyle, you spend a large portion of your life at home to sleep. Breathing in germs and polluted air can significantly increase the threat of suffering from the common illness.

A deeper understanding of mold and mildew is essential. When you learn to control those issues and improve the general air quality, it’ll become a far healthier environment. If another member of the household has already picked up the flu, a deep clean is needed to prevent the spreading of germs. Be sure that all used tissues are disposed of too.


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#4. Fuel Your Body

Nutrition is important at all times. However, you should pay even greater attention at this time. Using supplements that boost the body’s natural defense systems is vital. The graviola leaf or extract is a particularly useful ingredient during flu season as your immune system will see big results. This step makes your general health feel greater too.

As well as eating foods specifically aimed at reducing the threat of flu, you need to get enough calories. Putting strain on your body through malnutrition will reduce the defence systems. On a similar note, hydration is a vital factor that will keep your body in a far better condition.

#5. Stay Active

Once you contract flu, the thought of completing a workout will be the last thing on your mind. If you want to avoid the symptoms that are circulating the city, though, regular exercise is great. The body will be stronger and able to fight off the bacteria with greater effect. The rewards don’t end there.

The sweat lost through exercise can flush out the toxins before they even have a chance to break through the body’s defenses. While it won’t provide a bulletproof protection, this step will bring positive outcomes. Given the extra food you’ll be eating over the winter, bring the calories is a smart move too.

#6. Rest

Exhaustion can harm the body in many different ways. The fact that it will lower the defense systems is unquestionably one of the biggest problems. Therefore, taking the necessary steps to enjoy a better quality and duration of sleep is crucial. And it needs to start now.

As well as sleep, you must give your muscles a chance to relax and recuperate after a long day. A little time spent relaxing your body, mind, and soul is vital. Home spa treatments are particularly useful too. If nothing else, it’ll keep you locked away from the germs of public spaces.

The Final Word

Getting the flu is hardly the worst thing in the world, but we’d all rather avoid it where possible. With the six tips above for guidance, making that happen just became a whole lot easier.