Do you often find yourself at a standstill while making travel plans? Are you overwhelmed by your options but incredibly indecisive about picking a destination? When it comes to choosing a vacation spot, there are certainly plenty of options from which to choose.

And who knows? Your next travel plans could be a little more out of the box. From camping to embarking on a cruise, here are three ideas to help get you out of the planning phase and off to somewhere fantastic for your next vacation.

Fiesta Americana Cancun

1. Camping at a National Park

Whether you’re eyeing a visit to a national treasure like Yosemite National Park or the Grand Canyon, you don’t necessarily need to pick one of these famous landmarks to enjoy a great camping experience. In fact, you can pay a visit to any number of area state or national parks to enjoy nature, go fishing, hike, grand canyon rafting, and have an evening campfire.

Of course, there’s always the option to rent an RV or cabin instead of pitching a tent in order to still enjoy the sunset without feeling cramped inside a tent once the sun sets.

2. Island Hopping Through the Virgin Islands

Don’t have the time to update your passport but still want to travel outside the U.S.? Try gliding over the ocean on seaplanes and traveling from island to island, or go island hopping through the Virgin Islands.

You don’t need a visa to visit these U.S. territories, but you do need to have a passport. Indeed, this vacation idea is perfect when you want to enjoy some sunshine and explore soul-soothing locales where sitting on the beach is king.

Looking for the best beaches on the virgin islands? Check out this article.

3. A Personalized Cruise Package

Are you in need of a vacation so bad that figuring out logistics is stressing you out to the max? Then consider buying an all-inclusive cruise package to a far-off destination that you haven’t previously experienced. Because these packages are all-inclusive, you get to set your budget and determine how much you’re willing to spend for a great vacation. From there, purchase a cruise package according to your or your group’s interests.

For example, you could select a package that offers unlimited alcoholic beverages aboard the cruise. Or, pick a family package in which a number of activities and playtime for the kids are scheduled and organized. This way, the kids are entertained and parents have a little more time for themselves.

Other packages may feature sightseeing opportunities as well as group activities that cater to different interests. You’ll find that Alaska cruises, in particular, offer a wide variety of cruise packages from which to choose. No matter who you are or what interests you and members of your group, there’s a package that has your vacation planning covered.

Where Will You Go?

If you can’t think of a destination for your next leisure travel opportunity, ask yourself what sort of activities you want to partake in while you’re away. Are you hungry to explore new places on foot? Do you want to enjoy spa pampering at a five-star resort or aboard a cruise? Ultimately, you can find any number of vacation packages that will serve your unique wants and needs, all while saving money by taking advantage of these all-inclusive deals.