The kids and I have been wanting to visit a cat cafe for a while now, but these kinds of cafes are usually located in bigger cities, so when we visited Seattle, I knew we had to make a trip to the Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe!  With two rescue cats at home, we were excited to visit the cafe, which supports cat rescues.

The cat cafe is easy to find, and we used Google Maps to get there. This is more in the Northeast section of Seattle, not far from things like the Fremont troll.

We were able to find some street parking, and walked about a block to the cafe.

It is recommended to reserve ahead of time, but we weren’t sure of our schedule, so we ended up dropping in.

Entrance to the cafe is $13, and includes a drink.  There are also some baked goods available for purchase.

The kids chose hot cocoa, which I think was made with cocoa powder.  Although the cafe is for kids 9 and older, I do wish the menu was a little more kid-friendly (with “regular” hot cocoa, and other drinks like maybe frothed milk).

The kids chose some cat-shaped macarons – so cute (and delicious)!

Once we had our drinks and snacks, we were given a quick debriefing on the rules, and then welcomed to the room with the cats.  You need a lid on your beverage, and to respect the cats and their space.

There are a variety of places to sit, relax, and eat.  The cats also have plenty of space to roam, nap, and hide.

We had a chance to hang out with several cats, allowing them to approach us.

At one point, one of the employees brought everyone treats to give to the cats.  All of a sudden, there were cats all around us, and on the tables.

Beautiful Merlin!

We had a great time visiting, and I loved seeing how many cats have been adopted from the cafe!

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