One of the things we decided to visit on our trip to Seattle was the Seattle Gum Wall!  Yes.. a wall of gum that is over 50′ long!

The Gum Wall is located just outside the main entrance to Pike Place Market, by the theater.  It makes it an easy destination if you are already going to the market or other popular Seattle attractions.  You can always take a Pike Place tour if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything.

We brought lots of gum with us so that we would be prepared!

The kids even unwrapped some of the gum beforehand, so it wouldn’t be a hassle when we arrived at the gum wall.

If you are looking at the famous Pike Place Market sign, the gum wall is to the left end of Pike Place Market downstairs.

When we arrived Thursday afternoon, there were plenty of people at Pike Place.

It was a somewhat warm day, and you can smell the gum, and we also saw a fair amount of bees there.  The ground feels a bit sticky, as it is pretty much composed of gum!

We got to work sticking gum to the wall. There really isn’t bare wall space, so you are left sticking your gum to gum that is already there.

There were plenty of people posing with the gum there.  We saw lots of selfie sticks, and tourists actually touching the gum that other people had left!

In 2015, the city cleaned off thousands of pounds of gum from the walls, but as you can see, it was quickly replaced.

The Gum Wall was pretty gross, but also a lot of fun, especially for the kids.  Chances are, if you are visiting Seattle, you will be visiting Pike Place, so check out the gum wall while you are there!


~ bring your own gum
~ take pics!
~ be prepared for the smell, bees, and the sticky pavement!