Influencers do have their place on the internet. However, if instafame isn’t your thing and you don’t aspire to be a Kardashian, this may not be the career choice for you. Even if you don’t want to be an influencer as such, it doesn’t mean you can’t have influence online.

Here are our top tips for growing your followers and offering something to the public, without becoming a human billboard.

Give Your Brand a Voice

A faceless company can be hard for people to connect with. If you are a sole business owner you can be the person behind the brand. For example, “Robert the Lawnmowing Man” could share his personal gardening tips on a blog.

This will help to give him credibility, and his expertise may persuade customers to use his services. Larger companies can have a consistent tone amongst all employees, offering consistency and trust. Influencing online is about connecting with people, even when you haven’t met them face to face.

Let Your Customers Do the Talking

When you are selling or promoting something, it is obvious to your followers that you will gain from sharing it. When you are influencing people online you can encourage them to leave their own reviews. Giving outsiders with no vested interest a say will significantly support your efforts.

Ask happy customers to leave comments, and make sure you support their businesses too. Building a network and asking others to confirm what you are saying with positive reviews will boost your marketing efforts.

Choose the Right Products

If your goal is to influence online, you will need to believe in what you are sharing. You may have a business selling televisions, but if they frequently catch on fire you will lose both customers and authority. If you are looking for a new business venture, joining a proven and successful sales company like Amway is a smart option.

They already have a well-known brand, and you will be able to use this recognition to influence new customers online. You may be thinking, is Amway a scam or not? The answer is no, Amway is actually a reputable way to make money. Before you join any company, make sure to do your research to ensure it’s a great fit.

Post Frequent but Relevant Content

It is easy to get lost in the crowd online, and you need to update your blog, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter regularly. While you do get some points for posting frequently, you don’t want to annoy your audience with low-quality content. Try to stick to a routine, for example, you could publish a blog post every Monday and send out an email newsletter once a month.

The key is to give them something they want, and inspires a call to action such as a “like,” a “comment,” a “share,” or a “purchase”. Get to know your followers and take note of what they find interesting, and what they don’t!

Be Upfront About Any Relationships

If you have a relationship with a brand, you should always disclose it when promoting a product online. A book reviewer could mention they received the novel courtesy of the publisher or someone promoting sneakers could mention they work at a sporting store.

If you become an independent business owner with Amway, discussing products from the range should include your contact details. Your followers will appreciate your honesty and it will give you more influence online.

The Wrap Up

The internet has changed the way we make purchases and everyone is fighting for attention. It is possible to influence online with honesty, a clear message, quality products, and a supportive network.

You don’t have to be an “influencer” to be successful, but you do need to be dedicated!