Home renovations are one of the significant improvements you can make in your home. Aside from house extensions and upgrades, repairs are projects that have the potential to increase the value of your abode. However, though tempting as it may seem, mishandled house renovation will only bury a homeowner in debt and in course, lose their home to forfeiture. So, here are some renovation ideas that homeowners should avoid.

Bath tub

DIY yourself without any experience

There are many sources online where tips on do-it-yourself bathroom renovations. A significant mistake made by many homeowners is not consulting experts in doing a complex project like a major renovation. Remember that you may save money doing it yourself, but in the long-term, you may find your work substandard. In the end, it may result in a more massive mess and will possibly devalue your home. An example is upgrading electrical wirings and fixtures, which should be done by experts in the field to avoid mishaps.

Overspending due to planning problems

Exceeding the budget is also a thing to consider. Many homeowners don’t have the money available to cover an entire bathroom renovation cost. Most people resort to taking out house loans to cover the expenses. It is for this reason that being economical is essential when attempting a renovation project. It is advised to put into writing all the necessary items for a renovation. You should communicate with your contractor to find cheaper alternatives. You can also resort to using used furniture and fixtures to save money. 

Don’t focus on fancy fixtures.

The focus of your renovation is to make your bathroom experience cozy and relaxing and increase your home value. Excessive use of fancy fixtures often results in an unfinished project. A piece of advice is to stick to a neutral and common type of installations. Focus on turning your bathroom into a comfortable area in your house. Also, you should make sure the accessories match, as mismatched fixtures are an eyesore. Buy a set of a particular design of fixtures to be safe. 

Experiment on using paint instead of tiles

You don’t have to entirely tile your bathroom floor to ceiling as it will certainly is expensive. You can alternately use paint to decorate your walls and save money for other bathroom essentials. Tiling your bathroom will cost from $500 to $3,500; using paint costs only a fraction, so start saving and experiment with color and save a lot on your bathroom renovation cost. 

Less emphasis on lighting

A well-lit bathroom will increase the level of comfort in that small space. It is incredible how many people forget to emphasize improving the light in a bathroom. If you are planning to do a bathroom renovation, consider starting in revamping the lighting. However, it is best to have a licensed electrician to handle this to avoid any mishaps or accidents.


Renovation is a significant house improvement if done well. It is an investment that will potentially add value to your home. However, you must strike a balance in spending as it is worse if you managed to drown yourself in debt as you attempt to raise your house’s value. Remember that the housing market today is on the rise, and it is best to jump in with the tide.