We recently visited Seattle in August 2019, and went on an impromptu factory tour at Theo Chocolates.  I would recommend planning ahead and making a reservation if possible, but when we arrived, there happened to be some room to add our group to the tour.  Tours are $12 per person.

We started by learning about what chocolate is – how it is grown, what it looks like, how it is harvested, and so on.  Our guide was great, and had so much knowledge about chocolate, plus a great sense of humor.  I had my two kids on the tour, and I think the tour is enjoyable for any age.  We also had a chance to sample chocolates throughout the duration of the tour, which was about an hour.

After the presentation and video clips, we took a quick break before checking out the factory (in the adjacent room).  We were able to check out cocoa beans, bags of cocoa beans, and reproductions of the cocao fruits.

Next, we headed to see the factory, and our guide walked us through the chocolate-making process – complete with samples of things like cocoa nibs and cocoa liquor.

After sampling lots of chocolate during the tour, we were excited to get shopping at the chocolate store!

There are lots of great varieties of chocolates in the Theo line of chocolates.

We really enjoyed our tour of Theo Chocolates! I learned quite a bit and of course enjoyed sampling lots of great chocolate.  Additionally, everything at the factory is peanut-safe, so it was nice to be able for my daughter to participate in the tour (despite a peanut allergy, which often excludes her from eating treats).

Being from the east coast, I was not familiar with Theo Chocolates, and it was please knowing that they use fair trade practices, and the chocolates are organic and non-GMO.

Check out their website at https://www.theochocolate.com/