Moving Boxes

When you’re conducting a move, you know it’s going to be a serious and stressful endeavor. After all, it’s not easy purchasing packing materials, do the actual packing, travel to your new home, and even unpack. It’s not going to get any easier if you have your kids with you, as you also have to worry about school, helping them with homework, and your bonding time together. Thing is, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice a lot of time with your kids just because you’re moving. In fact, you can make them a part of the moving process and make moving all the more fun for the family. How, though? Here are some easy steps:


  • Discuss how they feel about the trip. Moving to a new home isn’t easy, and for sure your kids will likely feel a bit of anxiety or unease throughout the entire process. This is especially once you’ve started packing, as they might feel as though your usual home “routine” has been disrupted. Try to dedicate some time talking to them about the situation, so you know exactly how they feel and you reassure them that things will be alright. 
  • Introduce them to the moving process. When you’ve started to conduct the moving process, you can actually introduce your kids to it. This will let them slowly become a part of the process and give them a sense of belongingness. This helps alleviate some of your children’s worries, and also give them a sense of responsibility. After all, moving is “adult stuff,” so surely doing it is cool! Try to explain what you’re going to do with the moving process, and how they can help with it. For instance, tell them you might be hiring moving companies NYC to help out with the process, and that your children need to behave while they’re there so you can move much faster.
  • Let them help pack and unpack things. When you’re conducting your move, you can have your kids help you along the way. You can assign things to them such as counting things and doing inventory, or keeping track of which rooms are being cleaned out, and even helping with the lifting and placing of small and light objects to their respective boxes. This allows them to be an active part of the moving process and let them help in their own way. They can even help out in the moving day by assisting your movers NYC with where packages are.
  • Let them have control over their own things. Of course, kids won’t be able to help much when it comes to organizing the bigger rooms like your kitchens and bigger bedrooms. However, you can at least let your kids pack their own things as well. You can teach them how you want things to be packed in a way that won’t damage them throughout the trip. And afterwards, you can have your kids pack their things the way they like, so they can have a sense of authority over what they own.
  • Let them have a say in their own room. Likewise, you can also allow your kids to have an actual say in the way their rooms are organized. This lets them feel a sense of control over their rooms in their new home. This way, you can avoid getting them anxious over the entire moving process. After all, a big part of overcoming anxiety in moving is to let them know that moving can be fun.
  • Bond over the entire trip. If you have a moving company handling your belongings during the trip, you can spend the entirety of the trip bonding with your children. You can go out and eat at a restaurant or tour a nearby park near the new home. That way, you can slowly acquaint your children to their new environment and new neighborhood. This can also help in alleviating the anxiety they can feel. 


Move With Kids: Make It Fun And Enjoyable!

Instead of allowing your move to be stressful for you and/or your partner, you can make your house move much more fun and interesting with your kids around. As with the above tips, you can have them participate in the move in a ton of ways. And sometimes, their creative ideas can make moving much easier for you. Remember, kids won’t be able to just provide extra manpower, but moving can be an enjoyable bonding experience that the whole family can enjoy as well.