When you become a mom, the life that you used to know slowly disappears. Some moms might like to tell you that your old life will still be there, but those of us who want to be honest, will admit that your life completely changes. In most ways, it’s for the better. You have a little bundle of joy that’s going to grow up and love you endlessly. They require your constant love and attention, and that’s something you get used to over time. But one of the things that seems to disappear, is mommy pamper time. Becoming a mom makes it all the more important to think about looking after your body, because it will have been through a lot since conception. Until you start really thinking about your body and everything it’s doing for you, you won’t realise what shape it’s in now. It’ll be overworked, tired, and you probably won’t be giving it everything it needs to flourish. So, we’re going to try and show you some simple ways that you can have that pamper time, and what it will do for your body.

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Skin Care

Skin care is one of the most important things for us women, but it’s definitely something that goes amiss as a mom. We’re lucky enough to have a soak in the bath or a shower every other day, let alone the time to find a good skin care routine. But actually, the simple techniques are all you need to prioritise to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. Using a daily exfoliating scrub is how we would recommend that you start your day, just to remove any dead skin cells and grim. Dapping it dry, and then putting some toner on a cotton wool pad and running it over your face is next. Then for a light layer of moisturiser, just to keep the skin subtle. If you have dry skin, you should read this dry skin guide to see what type of cream you should be using. You can either finish by putting on some BB cream to mattify the skin and gives it a subtle coverage, or just leave it as it is. That’s all it takes to keep your skin in a beautiful condition!

Body Care

Taking care of your body as a mom is so important, because the stress and change that it went through during the birthing process is just so huge. So again, all you need to do is think about the simplistics. One common problem moms have is not drinking enough, but simply getting 2 litres of water down you during the day is going to make all the difference. You’ll feel more alert, your skin will look brighter, and your body will just be functioning so much better. Then another simple one, a nice clean diet. You want to raise your children around the right types of food, and that starts with you and what you’re cooking! So not only will your body thank you, but so will your children!