Let’s see, how long have you been using that mattress already? Has it been awhile? Probably you can no longer remember the time you got it. When that’s the case – you should get a new mattress as soon as possible! 

Even the most durable and best quality mattress needs to be replaced. Even if you argue that they are still fairly serviceable, your old mattress needs to go. Why should you get rid of it? Why can’t we just keep it around? 

Besides looking unsightly, this is why you should replace them soon: 

Hygiene reasons – Your old mattress is now probably the home to dust mites, bed bugs, pollen, and other sorts of allergen. Even the dead skin cells you have shed are part of it already! If you have pets, they are also contributors. That’s a reason why it’s total unhygienic to hold on to an aged mattress. 

Despite the “contents” of your mattress, you sleep on it every night. You are actually waiting for an allergy attack to happen. Not only that, you make yourself prone to other respiratory diseases as well. 

The truth is – an old mattress is a dirty mattress. If you worry about your health, take out that aging mattress already. 

For better body support – When your mattress is old, expect it that it’s already worn in some parts. If you will closely inspect your mattress, it may be sagging, indented, and even bumpy in some areas. 

Actually, that would eventually happen to any mattress if used consistently through the years. It has given your hours of sleep and comfort, so it will naturally fail in time. However, when your mattress is no longer firm – it will no longer support your body as it should.

This would lead to muscle stiffness in different areas of your body. You might also lose sleep because you would even have to continuously change your position throughout the night. You have to resign to the fact that ancient mattresses are no longer comfortable for use. 

These two points are already reasons enough for you to replace your old mattress. People tend to delay the purchase for several reasons. One of them is because mattresses are such a hassle to buy. 

They are bulky and it’s difficult to transport them back to your home. They’d rather not deal with the inconvenience. 

If you find it difficult to transport your purchase, buy a mattress in a box. That’s more convenient as you have your full-sized mattress compressed into a smaller package. That’s one less worry for you.  You can also increase your bed size, and convert twin mattresses to king.

And if you do not want to go to the mall or showrooms, you can even buy mattress online. There are several ways you can get that mattress and there’s no more reason for you to delay. 

The thing is, your health depends on the quality of your mattress. If it’s good enough, you avoid certain types of allergies, respiratory diseases, and you’ll have better sleep. And that translates to better productivity for you. 

Do you know that when you’re sleep-deprived, you are more at risk with having cardiovascular diseases, anxiety and depression? So the more you delay your purchase, the more you put your health in danger.