The medicinal field runs deep, and this applies to the field of dermatology too. With every form of dermatologist emphasizing on skin care, they specialize in various aspects. You may have a specific concern or your primary care doctor may suggest when a dermatologist is recommended for proper treatment, and these specialists can address your needs.


Take a look at the four key types of dermatologists,

  • Pediatric Dermatologists- These dermatologists are specially trained to deal with children that experience skin issues. As kids respond differently to some treatment types in comparison to adults, they need special care from trained pediatric dermatologists. They will deal with different skin conditions like hives, warts, birthmarks, acne, and dermatitis resulting from allergic reactions. Besides, they also offer care for kids that suffer from various skin conditions that are congenital in nature. Both the supplies and equipment that pediatric dermatologists use are designed specifically for use in kid patient cases. 
  • Dermatopathologists- They specialize in discovering the root cause of the skin disease. Trained thoroughly in pathology, they get tissue and skin samples regularly from patients in consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist. After getting the sample, a dermatopathologist will scrutinize the same under the microscope prior to conducting specific examinations for locating the exact issues with the skin. They do not work directly with the patient but in laboratories, doing tests, and research. In short, they are vital components of technology owing to their large contribution in this field.  
  • Immunodermatologists- They specialize in examining how a person’s immune system actually interacts with their skin. Various skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis are associated with immune systems, thereby falling under the expertise of immunodermatologist. They develop solutions for skin problems which are closely associated with the immune system. An immunodermatologist mostly works in laboratory settings, creating experiments to assess the manner in which the skin and the immune system react to various substances. 
  • Cosmetic Dermatologists- They are the most popular and most visited physicians in the dermatology field. A cosmetic dermatologist specializes in various tasks that are centered on aesthetics like severe acne, laser hair removal, or skin tightening with specific injections.  In fact, in extreme situations, they can conduct surgery for reducing the outbreak of the scars on patients. Being a comparatively broad field, these dermatologists possess the choice to specialize in particular areas, namely hair removal or skin rejuvenation. Should the symptoms of prospectively serious conditions like skin cancer are seen during any cosmetic dermatological consultations, they will closely work with a dermatopathologist for identifying the skin issue. 

With the growing existence of risky chemicals in the environment, food, and also water, various forms of harmful diseases have gone up, which also includes dermatological conditions. Such contaminants, radiations, and pollutants, which people get exposed to lead to immune-modulation, resulting in changes in the gene level. The field of dermatology is evolving and progressing to turn into a key medical specialty which deals with different conditions such as skin allergies, skin infections, skin cancers, and also deal with different cosmetic processes. Along with skin and hair, dermatologists also deal with nails and scalp. So consult with the best dermatologist today.