I received a Succulent Box in exchange for my honest review.

If you know me, you know I absolutely love plants.  I work in a greenhouse and I love gardening, and I enjoy collecting plants.  I was thrilled to discover The Succulents Box, which delivers a variety of succulents right to your door!  While I love plants, my life is so hectic that it is a real treat to receive plants like this.

For the perfect gift or an indulgence for yourself, look no further than a ready to ship succulents box. Not only are these unique and stylish, but they are also extremely easy to take care of! Succulents need little interaction but provide a charming touch of life to any area with their assortment of colors and textures. You don’t even have to worry about shipping times, as most succulent boxes ready-to-go ensuring that your plants arrive in perfect condition. Enjoy the beauty of succulents without the fuss, and make your own fully customized succulent box ready to ship today!

There are a variety of different products you can choose from at Succulents Box, from a subscription box to the option of ordering individual succulents.  You can purchase individual succulents for as little as $5.45, and subscription boxes start for as little as $5 a month.  Check out their products here, and get $5 off your first box by using the code 5OFF!

I was shipped a box containing four succulents.  My box arrived quickly, and I was excited to see what I had received!

The succulents arrived safely.  They were very carefully packaged, set in a tray and individually wrapped.

After unwrapping the succulents, I watered them and set them in a location where they would get the right amount of sun.

Succulents are a popular choice for home gardens due to their low-maintenance nature and striking appearance. These hardy plants thrive in dry and rocky conditions, making them ideal for someone who wants a garden that requires minimal care. However, proper care of succulents is essential to getting the most out of them. To achieve this, you must choose the right soil mix for your succulent species and ensure that your succulent box receives adequate sunlight and water. With the proper care, your succulents can flourish and produce stunning blooms yearly. So if you’re looking for an easy and rewarding way to cultivate your green thumb, consider adding some succulents to your garden today!

Each succulent comes in a small plastic pot.  At some point soon I will re-pot some of them, but since succulents grow slowly, I have some time to plan.

I love that each succulent comes with the name of the plant for reference.

My favorite is this Haworthia!  What a cute little plant, and I haven’t seen one like this before.

The box contains a lot of information about the succulents and their care.  I also recommend going on their website for lots of great information about succulents, from planting to watering.

Visit The Succulents Box at https://succulentsbox.com/

Get $5 off your first box by using the code 5OFF!