With extreme levels of curiosity among kids, and the fact that the information era keeps getting interesting, as a parent, you have all the reasons to keep your child safe from inappropriate information. Despite the urge by parents to ensure that their kids only get meaningful content from the internet, some Smartphones do not have the best features to make this possible. In this list, we have included a few phones with the best security features to give you peace of mind even if they are in the hands of your curious little ones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

A few years back, Samsung decided that they wanted to be the phone of choice for Android customers. They also wanted to have enhanced security on their devices. For that reason, they created Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to achieve this. This device comes with Samsung Knox, which is security software created to separate your personal life from the work environment. It has a high level of security so that your kids do not have access to private content, both online and offline. Knox leverages both the hardware and the software to keep your child safe from harmful contents.

iPhone XS Max

Most security features and applications on iPhone XS Max come from iOS. This is one of the few phones that come with an operating system that takes care of all security flaws available on other phones. IOS is an improved software that ensures zero access to private information. Therefore, if you have little ones, and you would like to control the information that they can access both online and offline, then iPhone XS Max can be a good choice. For a long time, it has been reported that Android has numerous security flaws, but the iPhone does not have this problem. Therefore, you can be sure of the safety of your kids even if they use iPhone XS Max phone in privacy.

Pixel 3 XL

If you are looking for google phones with the best privacy levels, then you might need to try Pixel3 and 3 XL. This is due to the enhanced security levels in Android 9.0 pie alongside the Titan M Chip. The Pixel, 3 XL shows how secure the android is as a platform. Sources claim that when asked, most users reported that Pixel 3 XL has features that enable them to be confident of their children’s safety. It is imperative to have phones that protect the kids from seeing things that they don’t need.

Blackberry KEY2

Blackberry is currently one of the phones with high-security levels, so kids can use it without any problem. Compared to other phones on this list, it is the most affordable. It brings many BB10 security improvements to the Android platform to help parents with curious kids who might end up visiting the wrong sites. Blackberry KEY2 is the best phone for anyone looking to keep their privacy from unauthorized access.


Parenting is challenging for the best of us, especially when the kids are trying to understand what is going on around them. Since we might not have enough time to stay around the little ones, it is essential to keep track of what they do online and offline. This is why the phones mentioned above come in handy since they have some of the best security features. As a parent, you can buy an affordable Android phone like Blackberry KEY2 to make sure that your little ones don’t get access to the wrong information. As a parent it is your duty to protect your child from the bad content available on the internet.