I recently had heard that there was a lavender farm in the area, and had been trying to find the time to make it there before the end of the picking season.  While you can visit into the end of summer, picking may not be available, so check before going.

I used Google Maps to get there, and we found it without a problem.

The farm is located out in the country, and I enjoyed the drive through rolling farmland.  There is a small sign by the road that pointed to the farm.


When we arrived, we were very warmly welcomed by one of the owners, David, who helped us get set up with instructions for cutting lavender for bouquets and answered all of our questions.  Bouquets are $5 or $15 (depending if the stems fit in the small part of the scissors or the large).

I was excited to check out the fields and get to work making a bundle of lavender.

There are lots of kinds of lavender, including French Lavender, English Lavender, and culinary lavender, as well as a variety of colors (white, pink, and different shades of purple).

It was nice to see lots of pollinators there, and you can visit the beehives right on the property as well.  Just be aware that there are lots of bees there, moving around on the lavender flowers.

You can also purchase bouquets that are already picked, if you prefer.

Once we were done exploring and cutting our lavender, we went to check out the shop.  There are lots of great items for purchase, and Diane (David’s wife) gave us lots of great tips on using culinary lavender.

We tried some samples of lavender lemonade and bought some goodies before heading out.

We had a wonderful time at Lavenlair, and needless to say, the car smelled quite lovely on the way home!

Visit Lavenlair at https://www.lavenlairfarm.com/