Still looking for the right school with the best curriculum/programme for your child? If you haven’t heard of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) yet, then this article is for you. Here we’ll discuss how your child benefits from it along with a quick assessment of the programme to help you find the right best IB schools Singapore has. Do note that your child’s needs should be the ultimate deciding factor in your choice.

Crayons child school

The IB PYP offers students and families the following benefits:

  • It’s a recognized programme throughout the world;
  • It guarantees transferability and continuity of learning;
  • It offers inquiry-based learning, international mindedness as well as action orientation which lead to good academic results;
  • It is reinforced by continual and extensive research into pedagogy and curriculum.

The PYP learning style is focused on understanding rather than memorizing. Children are taught how to learn and see the relevance of their studies. This makes learning more meaningful and more interesting. The paves way for creativity and choices in different problem-solving, which helps build independence and confidence while encouraging students to think critically. PYP students also learn to understand other people’s views and are internationally minded and open-minded.

PYP Curriculum

Child-centered approach

IB PYP focuses on an inquiry-based approach to learning that allows students to engage in the process of knowledge gathering. All activities under PYP are customized to fit an environment that keeps students at the center of the process while encouraging them to be involved through active participation. Teachers become observers and facilitators in this learning process.   

Collaborative learning

IB PYP is also focused on giving tasks, projects and assignments to students that allows them to work in groups, to collaborate as well as share information with each other to improve their knowledge and output. All learning happens in an interactive and fun manner and students learn the value of teamwork and discussions for problem solving.

Transdisciplinary approach

With this, students are encouraged to find answers to crucial questions such as “Who am I? Where do I belong? What is the importance of the environment which is around me”? This process creates a phase which moves from one subject to another to teach the students the importance of each topic.

The programme itself is very well structured and executed, which allow students to investigate and explore every child’s inquiries and interests. This is something that does not usually happen with traditional curricula. Children with learning issues may find some elements of the programme challenging, so keep that in mind as you consider it for your child.

End Note

PYP is designed and offered for all types of learners and is therefore apt for children with very different backgrounds and personalities. Moreover, learning is hands-on and is comprised of questions, discussing and moving around to seek things out, which makes the classroom environment different traditional curriculum.

As you look for your child’s school for the PYP, keep in mind that the institution itself plays a huge role in the development into his or her and future success. Choose among the best IB schools Singapore has to offer by checking each one and finding out if their facilities and environment fits your child and your family’s needs.