Skincare is one of the biggest concerns when traveling. You have limited luggage space and there are restrictions that will prevent you from taking your entire makeup collection with you. But you can’t just abandon your daily and nightly routine while you’re out on vacation. You want your skin looking best for all those travel photos, right?

Here’s how to fix the skincare problem while traveling:

Reuse Pouches

Jewelry, trinkets, and random items come in cute pouches when you buy them. Don’t throw these pouches away. They might come in handy when you need to pack your sponges and cotton pads. Think of them as packing cubes, but for makeup. The pouch could be small enough for the tissues, wipes, and other flat surfaces you want to keep in one place. Buy face masks online in advance so that you can have your complete glass skin routine even on your vacation.

Find Travel-friendly Packaging

The easiest way to pack your skincare routine is to look for sample sizes of the products you use. It would not be wise to try a new product while traveling just because it came in a smaller tube. You don’t know how your skin will react to the new product, and the last thing you want is a breakout while overseas. If you can’t find sample sizes, look for travel-sized containers you can fill with your moisturizer, lotion, and foundation.

Travel-friendly packaging is not just about the size, however. Pay attention to the shape of the container. When you’re packing squeeze tubes, the soft container may be prone to leaks if you pack them tightly with other items. Bottles are more sturdy, but compacts are even better as they save space.

Bring Multi-purpose Products

When traveling, you need to choose one or two tubes of lipstick to bring with you to save space. Choose the ones that look best on you and complement the outfits you’ve planned for the trip. To pack lightly, choose a lip tint that can also be used as a blush. Your eyeshadow palette can have something light enough to use as a highlighter and a shade dark enough to be a bronzer. Buy moisturizer with SPF so that you don’t need to take two separate bottles.

Traveling should be fun, not stressful. Learn how to make your makeup routine travel-friendly so you will always look your best.