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I have vivid memories of going to a restaurant and the table next to us would be smoking cigarettes.  It was the norm to be trying to eat and yet choking on cigarette smoke as well.  As a mom, that is something I can’t begin to imagine exposing my kids to.

It was only during my college years that laws started changing, and now there is no smoking in establishments in New York, and visible advertising has decreased.  Now that I have kids of my own, it is especially important to me that my kids are not exposed to secondhand smoke or influenced by advertising.  The Tobacco Free New York State “Seen Enough Tobacco” initiative works to combat tobacco marketing for children.  I remember seeing ads everywhere as a kid, and it is nice to know that there are efforts being made to reduce advertise.  Kids are really impressionable, and they don’t need to see ads everywhere.

Here’s a scary fact: the average age of a new smoker in New York State is 13 years old.  My daughter is 12, and middle school is such a crazy time where kids try new things and are exposed to many influences.  They are making choices and dealing with peer pressure.  Not only do you have traditional cigarettes, but now e-cigarettes have become so popular. E-cigarette use has grown over 160% among high school students in past years.

I am fortunate that my kids are not exposed to smoking in our family, and we we love exploring the great outdoors.  I grew up in a non-smoking household, and none of our other family members smoked, so it was just something you never thought about or considered.  As a family, we love being outside, being active and healthy.  It is important to me that we foster good choices for our kids.

Moccasin Kill Sanctuary Trail

You can help get tobacco ads out of sight from our kids and families. That’s why I have signed the “Seen Enough Tobacco” pledge – to help make New York State a healthier place to live, work and play. Our kids shouldn’t have to be exposed to tobacco advertising!

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and help make New York healthier place to live, work and play!

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