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The Importance of Dressing Nicely

Summer is here and it’s a time to let your kids get creative with their clothing. School is out and no longer do children have to worry about adhering to their school’s dress code. They can wear what they want within reason. Much of their time will be spent playing, running, and splashing around outside. Therefore, it’s important to keep them comfortable. Kids will also have those times when they need to dress nicely for events, occasions, and holidays. That’s why it’s important to balance letting your child choose their clothes and knowing when to step in and dress them stylishly for the summer.

Let Kids be Kids

Above all else, kids deserve to be kids. They should be allowed to wear whatever silly, wacky, or fun clothes and colors they want within reason during the summer months. With school out, children truly have a chance to embrace their creativity and dress however they want. It’s a time for them to experiment with bright colored hair, silly cut out patterns, and things they otherwise couldn’t get away with. Summer is a time to show them that they can have fun with what they’re wearing and that everything doesn’t have to be so strict all the time. There is a time and place for dressing a certain way.

Showcase Their Creative Side

Children spend their summers playing, exploring, and trying new things. The same can be done with clothes. Parents should give them the opportunity to truly learn about themselves, what they like, and how they want to express themselves. Summer can be a great time to learn how to design clothing. Children can take blank t-shirts and turn them into something new by adding patches, gems, glitter, words, and more. Custom summer t-shirts are great for children to showcase their interests. They can show the world that they love certain quotes, teams, animals, and more by getting it printed on a shirt.

Clothes for Flexibility, Movement

Summer is a time when a child is allowed to burn off all that excess energy they kept pent up during the cooler months. Children need clothes that fit their active lifestyle. Dressing them in shorts and loose-fitting summer t shirts will allow them the ability to move, run, and jump without worrying about hurting themselves. Tight jeans, long sleeve shirts, and dresses can get snagged or cause them to trip if they are playing outdoors. If children don’t need to be dressed up for something, keep it simple. Let them dress as basic as possible because chances are that they’ll get dirty while making memories.

Follow the Styles

All children have their own sense of style. Therefore, you need to allow them to grow and make decisions about what suits them. You can offer advice and ideas but let them come up with things they want to wear. Customizable shirts are a great way for them to showcase to the world what they like and who they want to be. You should let them embrace floral, stripes, and bright colors. When kids get to make their own choices, they learn to love fashion and making a statement about the clothes they wear. It’s the start of healthy habits.