With a background in environmental studies, I was interested to listen to a new album from Jessa Campbell & the Saplings.  Jessa creates music that incorporates ecology and the wonders of nature through her songs, and her first CD, “Can You Feel It?” is out this June 7.

While this is Jessa’s first album, she has been a musician and performer for many years, and you may recognize her from popular music , from “Dragon Tales Live”, to her work as a world cruise ship performer, and vocalist for Wayne Newton.  As soon as you hear her voice, you can tell she is an amazing vocalist.

Can You Feel It? is not only a nature-themed album, but a celebration of the Pacific Northwest eco-system.  We are actually traveling to Washington and Oregon this summer, and it was fun to listen to lyrics that talk about the places were are going.  And it is nice to hear songs about things like trillium flowers – which I love get mentioned in the album!

The songs and Jessa’s voice on Can You Feel It are beautiful.  As soon as we started playing the CD, I was enjoying the warm, folksy feeling of the music.  Jessa’s vocals, and the cheery quality and the lyrics all have a wonderful vibe to them.  If you have ever left children’s music on when the kids have left the room and not noticed – this is that kind of album!

Check out “Can You Feel It”!

There are 10 great songs on this album!

1. Can You Feel It
2. Mole in the Ground
3. Waltz of Trillium and Ant
4. T-Rex in the Forest
5. How I Love You Sun
6. Shadow Doo-Dah
7. The Great Happening
8. Fractals
9. Water Worth
10. Goodnight Pacific Northwest

Visit Jessica Campbell at https://jessacampbellsaplings.com/

Find her on Facebook and Twitter.


Can You Feel It? CD (US Only)

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