Many families opt to pack their own homes rather than pay the extra amount required by Oxford moving companies for this task. Although it might seem impossible to do this without incident with small children, it’s actually possible to do nearly seamlessly with the right pre-planning.

Moving Boxes

Pack Kids Rooms Last

The moving process can seem confusing to smaller children. It’s easier to leave their rooms for last when packing items, breaking down beds, cribs, and other furniture. You can have them assist in packing lighter items like clothing, toys, and stuffed animals. Let them enjoy the environment they are used to as long as possible.

Let Your Child Choose a Few Smaller Toys for Play and Pack the Rest

Small children sometimes have trouble seeing all of their toys get packed away and may not immediately understand they will have access to them after the move. Avoid this panic and worry by allowing them to choose a few small toys to play with on their own. Give them a backpack and allow them to reasonably fill it with their favorites that fit. It makes it easier to put them away and jump in the vehicle when the time comes for the actual move.

Try and Keep Normal Routines and Schedules for Sleeping and Meals

It may not be possible to avoid disturbing sleeping hours and mealtimes on moving day, but try and keep the schedule normal up to that point. Small children need their beauty sleep and naps to avoid being cranky. No matter how busy things are, take the time to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner at normal times. You may find it easy to get carried away and work through the lunch hour, but kids need that nutritious meal.

Don’t Stack Boxes that Can Fall and Cause Injury

Broken down bed frames, headboards, empty bookcases, and stacked boxes can be easily tipped over by a curious child. Place these in a blocked off area or set them where they cannot be accidentally pulled down on top of a child. The most common injuries happen from simple things that are overlooked. Understand that all normal children have a curiosity that can quickly get them in trouble and hurt.

Empty Out a Room for Moving Day

Decide which room in your home is the safest area and completely empty it for moving day. It needs to be a spot that is easy to cordon off to keep smaller kids from wandering around the house during the loading process on moving day. Place their chosen toys in for easy access, a sleeping bag or blanket for napping, and check on them frequently. See if a relative or friend can come over on moving day to help keep the kids entertained and supervised.

Prepare Quick Meals and Snacks Ahead of Time

You can still feed your kids healthy foods during the chaos and hectic atmosphere of moving. Cut up a few fruits and vegetables ahead of time and place them in plastic sandwich bags. You can also pour single servings of dry cereal into sandwich bags. Bake a few chicken breasts ahead of time, break the meat up and place it in the fridge. You can quickly make a chicken sandwich with veggies on whole wheat for a meal. Grapes, raisins, melon chunks, soft granola bars, apple slices, and oranges are all great snack ideas to defeat afternoon hunger pangs.

Always Know Where the Kids Are in Relation to the Moving Crew

The crews of Oxford moving companies will be highly focused on getting all of your household, furniture, appliances, and boxed items on the truck and on to the required destination. Having kids in the path or vying for attention makes their job more difficult than it has to be. It also presents a danger for injury to your child if they are unaware they’ve stepped in the path of a moving refrigerator or stack of heavy boxes. Stay aware of the location of your children and do your best to keep them in the designated safe zone.

Moving can be an exciting experience that is made less stressful by planning ahead on how to juggle the move along with keeping small children safe and happy. Make it a time of change that your children can adapt to over a short amount of time.