Pool fences are nothing short of life savers. You might not have pets, or overly inquisitive kids, or prying neighbors, who throw parties in your pool while you are on vacation, but your pool’s fencing can reduce your home insurance costs. Adding stylish glass pool fences to your home can add to its market value in the Melbourne real estate market.

swimming pool

Most homeowners do not need to invest in fences for their pools as per the local law, but your insurance provider might require you to install one whether you are renting the property or living there with your family.

  • Safety of the owners and users

A backyard pool can serve as a source of immense relaxation and fun on the hot summer days. However, they are constant threats to the wellbeing of the children as well as the pets in the house. Pool fences can keep the children away from the pool when there is no supervision.

If you have elderly members or senior guests who frequent your property, it might be a good idea to invest in some sturdy fences around the pool.

  • Adding beauty with functionality

Glass is the most expensive form of fencing for the pools. Melbourne weather makes glass one of the top choices for pool fencing for every homeowner and renter in the city area. Especially if your yard or porch has an unabated view, you might want to preserve it by installing clear glass fences. Cleaning the fences occasionally will keep the view unfettered and picturesque as always.

  • Low maintenance cost

Although glass fences will cost you a pretty penny, they will last much longer than the average vinyl, and wooden fences in the Melbourne weather. Sometimes, all they need is a minimal wipe down with some soapy water and a microfiber cloth. You can clean your fences occasionally since debris and dirt is much less likely to stick to flush surfaces than they are to wood and metal mesh structures. You don’t need hired help for cleaning your pool fences any longer.

  • Add fun to party-time

Whether it’s a junior pool picnic or an adult poolside barbecue, you can add string lights or LEDs to the fences. The clear and flush surface will add to the illusion of a larger space. It will not only beautify your yard, but it will contribute to some of the most liked pictures on Instagram. With glass walls in the background, every day will look like a party in your home pool. Grab some pool floats from The Floatys for pool time fun!

For the proper installation of glass pool fencing at your Melbourne home, you should speak to fence construction companies with years’ of expertise. It is especially necessary if you are thinking of installing frame-less glass fences. Only a true expert can set up the optimum ground clearance, even fence height and even spaces between each fence unit, especially on the naturally rugged ground Melbourne localities have.