Bandanas can be a great addition to your casual fashion choices. The best part about this accessory is you can sport it in any season and get a complete look effortlessly. Match it with any outfit, and you are ready to go. If you want to create a laid back style, choose cotton custom bandanas in blue, red, or some other classic hues. The patterns can range from paisley to camouflage. Most people don’t experiment much with it. But you can beat everyone else by tying it around your neck, waist, head, or wrist and pair it with jeans, Tees, sneakers to acquire a more clean-cut appearance. If you’re looking for a different color or a particular one 4inbandana offers multifunctional bandanas in this regards. 

Here are a few suggestions that can help you don a bandana look with ease.

Tie around the head

Wearing a bandana around head looks bold. You may have seen rock-and-roll musicians sporting this style quite often because it instantly becomes an extension of your personality. Men with long hair exhibit this style frequently. For a perfect look, you need to go with the choice of neutral hues, such as black. To wrap it around your head, you have to first keep it flat on the surface, and then fold it long several times into a rectangle shape. Pick the loose ends and tie it.

Wear around the neck

It goes well with casual and smart casual outfits pretty smoothly. For it, you need to select a small bandana and twist it before taking it around your neck. When correctly positioned, make a knot at the front or slightly towards the right side of the neck. If you have a big bandana, you can use it as a scarf. No matter how you decide to wear it, make sure the choice of color is on-point. Neutral colors go well with bright outfits, while bold palette suits the soft-tone cloths.

Wrap around the wrist

You may have spotted many guys wearing it on their wrist. Getting this style is easy as well as effortless. It gives you an edgy appearance. Make sure you pick the darker shades and striking patterns in a bandana that you intend to show off on your wrist. Generally, paisley prints are preferred. You don’t have to wear it neatly.  Going messy can be magical.

Use as a pocket square

It’s about creating a smart casual appearance. You can convert it into a pocket square within the batting of the eyelids. Just fold and place it in the top pocket of your jacket to add that stylish touch to your ensemble. Selecting a matching bandana is critical. Generally, bright colors and vibrant patterns do the work. Just see that your bandana is not bulky and light-weight. Otherwise, it will not peep from the pocket as you desire.

So, how do you plan to wear one? Nowadays, online stores offer an option of custom bandanas. You can take advantage of it if you have to host an event, a special occasion, a bachelor’s party, or something else.