Americans have always fantasized about owning and living in large lavish houses and they have always been obsessed with the idea that bigger is better and beautiful in terms of ideal home ownership. As per statistics, the average American home is almost 2,600 square feet and the size is increasing every year. However, you can witness a rather small but growing trend where people are opting for tiny houses. You must have watched documentaries that demonstrate the sharp contrast between life in the average tiny house and an average American house.

The average tiny home in the United States is even less than 500 square feet in terms of area. Even though tiny homes have until now accounted for even less just 1 percent of the American real estate sales, more and more people who are just exasperated with ever-mounting debts, upside-down mortgages, or maintaining lavish palatial houses are opting for tiny houses for leading a simple but happy life. You may be presently content with living in a big plush accommodation but explore the benefits of living happily in a tiny home.

tiny house

No More Tension & Stress Due to Debts

You would be impressed by certain statistics that reveal that over 65 percent of people living in tiny homes do not at all have any credit card debt. Moreover, 68 percent of tiny house dwellers do not have any mortgage payment. Tiny houses are quite reasonably priced as not much is spent on building a tiny house. You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket if you decide to invest in a tiny house as the storage space seems to be minimal.

Moreover, as there is not much space for storing things, it would mean freedom from excessive consumerism. The typical tiny house living implies choosing possessions carefully, dramatically reducing accumulation of stuff, less expensive lifestyle, and therefore, less debt. The overall costs associated with shopping for, storing, and replacing household items actually come down remarkably and you could, at last, have some well-deserved and much-desired savings.

No More Splurging on Plush Interior Decoration

As the size of the house would be substantially smaller as compared to the usual American home, you do not need to pay through your nose for decorating the house. You would be ending up spending less, even if you are someone who loves to change the overall home décor.

You must remember that tiny homes mean relatively smaller décor items, fewer pillows, and rugs. Refurbishment of such tiny places could prove to be quite reasonable as you need to work in a smaller area. It would, therefore, be cheaper to renovate and re-do the entire home.

Marked Reduction in Overhead Expenses

As tiny homes are even less than 500 square feet in terms of area, there is very limited space to be cooled or heated as such; the utility bills are bound to be quite low and affordable. Moreover, you could save substantially, due to reduced property taxes, drop in home repair expenses, no more use of large equipment and appliances and ultimately, your household budget appears to look much better.


Choosing tiny homes mean leading an extremely eco-friendly life as these houses are created efficiently out of re-purposed, recycled, and salvaged materials. Your tiny home could be run on wind and solar power and so could be really energy efficient. A tiny home means living in close proximity to each other and that surely helps a family to come closer and bond better. It is time also, to be financially wise so, opt for the environment-friendly tiny home.