Often during the installation of a new roof people ask for two things. One is price and next is quality. There are so many options in shingles, and hence so many roof types. You can choose from many options without any confusion when you get to know the cost and properties of the roofing material you are choosing. Some people are on a budget, and they need the immediately lowest cost solution. Some people look for life and durability. They don’t care how stylish or costly it would be or not, and they want to invest in what is durable the most. And then there is another type of people who are interested in good quality which comes at a decent or low cost.

They would look at both and would come to a compromise on both too. The people in the fourth category, which cares about style and looks only apart from other things, and does not care how much they will have to invest in getting their choice are not discussed here. The discussion here is about the choice of roofing materials apt for the first three types of people.

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The most durable roofing material

In terms of durability, the best choice is either concrete or slate. You may choose any of them, and you won’t regret in your life. Both are very hard, extremely weather resistant, and also retains their original look for years. Also, both demands low maintenance and can go on and on without much work on them. Both concrete and slate are great fighters for rough weather. They do not let in moisture, insulates well, and only demand one thing. They demand house architecture to be strong enough to support their weight. Rest, once installed they would last your lifetime and more.

Asphalt comes next, and then metal comes after it. Asphalt roofs are also quite durable, though not as much as slate or concrete. Asphalt roofs would last 20 to 50 years depending on the shingle quality. Also, asphalt is recyclable and hence is environment-friendly. Metal roofs are also highly sturdy and go on for several years without any trouble.

The lowest cost roofing material

The lowest price of roofing material is undoubtedly asphalt and amongst metal it in. Both are low cost, recyclable, and are great to give you good protection for years. Asphalt shingles come really low cost and are the cheapest roofing option at present. Metal roofing materials are low cost too, and tin is one of the most used for being economical and yet sturdy. Asphalt has several other advantages like a long life, good appearance, comes in different colors, and can be suited in any house theme.

Corrugate roofing panels also come cheap. They are generally made from steel or aluminum which is galvanized. Next comes wood, and wood being a renewable form of material comes cheaper than many other roofs. Red cedar wood is fire resistant and is a good choice at a low cost. Clay tiles also are good to go with if you are exploring cheap options. Clay tiles are insect and mold resistant, retards fire, and are also aesthetically pleasing. They are low cost and good to go with. The problems with clay are their durability and heavyweight. Once impacted or dropped they break.

Durable roofing at a decent cost

  • Asphalt comes first in this balanced choice, where you pay a low cost and also get fairly durable roofing material. Asphalt is the cheapest in roofing materials and yet serves for more than 25 years and up to 50 years if you check the quality while installing.
  • Wooden shingles come next. They have a life of 30 to 5 years and are fairly low cost. They look great as they age a little and change color. They are liked for their natural color and looks. They are not fully fireproof and only partially fire resistant and also cracks with age, which is a problem. But they are excellent insulators.
  • Metal is the next best choice. They are long lasting and lasts between 30 to 50 years. They are made from many types of metals like steel, copper, zinc alloy, aluminum, tin, etc. Metal roofs are costlier than asphalt and wooden roofs. But they have a better life span too. They are also resistant to rough weather, needs low maintenance, and also are good insulators.
  • Plastic polymer roofs are a good balance between low cost and high life. They last with their style and look for more than 50 years with full functionality. They are a low cost too. The only problem with plastic polymer roofs is that they are not biodegradable or easily recyclable. This makes them extremely sustainable, and hence they are not environment-friendly. Else plastic polymer can be given the look, texture, and color of any other roofing material to look like that.

You have an idea now

Now you know the lowest priced roofing option, the most durable roofing option, and also the roofing options which are a balance between price and durability. Therefore making your mind and choosing one would be easier. Still, you need to consult an expert. Roofing experts from reputed and reliable services are good support; they come to inspect, listen to you, understand your project type and size, and give a quote. You can get full roofing consultation and support until the end of the installation, and service even after that when you choose such a reliable roofing company.


Roofing is a big project. Although once you install you forget it, and forget maintenance too. Yet this is one of the biggest projects in making a house or building because, this adds to show and appeal, adds to protection, and also caters to insulation, structural strength, property value and so much more. Therefore choosing the right kind of roofing material as you are planning the first installation is a crucial decision. You must take it with proper professional guidance.