If your child’s not attending summer school to brush up on some necessary skills or get ahead for college, why not consider sending her to summer camp this summer? All different types of camps are available to sign up for, and if your child isn’t interested in packing up and going away for a week or so, there are plenty of day camps offered.

Kids Child Summer Camp

If you’re still on the fence about whether to send your child to summer camp, check out these benefits.

  1. Allows the Building of New Skills

If your child is interested in learning a new skill, a themed summer camp is the perfect choice. Anything from an art-based camp to a fashion summer camp to a religious camp is available. Take some time to sit down with your child and find out about her interests. Then, look for a camp together.

  1. Allows the Creation of Special Friendships

Sending your child to camp can help create friendships that could last a lifetime — especially if attending the camp turns into an annual tradition. This is especially true if you send your child to a theme-based camp where all of the children have similar interests.

  1. Keeps Your Child From Falling into a Summer Slump

A child without any direction in the summer will likely fall into a summer slump – binge- watching Netflix shows, texting endlessly with friends, gaming what seems like 24/7. But planning a camp experience can give your child something to look forward to in the weeks before. Then, after he attends the camp, he’ll hopefully come back inspired to be active and engaged.

  1. Fosters Creativity

If your child loves art or drama, a summer camp in Sacramento can be an awesome opportunity to bring out her creative side — a side she may not get to expose very much during the school year.

  1. Builds Self-Confidence

As children grow and develop, they often become less and less dependent on you and hopefully, more confident. But some children develop at a slower pace than others, and that’s okay. If your child is lacks self-confidence, going to camp can help her see that she can function just fine without you by her side.

  1. Allows Your Child to Experience Independence

If you send your child away to camp where he’s on his own for a week or so, he’ll have the opportunity to experience being more independent and savor how that feels. Although there will be other people around, going to a new place and meeting new people while having new experiences is a great way for your child to spread his wings a bit.

  1. Allows for Reflection

It’s inevitable. No matter how much fun your child has while he’s away at camp, he will miss you. And when he returns home — or maybe even while he’s away —he’ll reflect on how much his home, family and relationships are to him.

  1. Allows Your Child to Unplug

Because camps are structured around activities, your child won’t be able to sit in front of a computer or gaming console or chat with friends on her phone all day. Instead, she’ll be actively engaging with others, learning new skills and having fun — without being tethered to a device.

  1. Allows for a Tailored Experience

If you send your child to a sleepaway camp, there will be opportunities for choices. For example, campers may have a choice of activities each day, which will allow him to spend time doing something he enjoys. The next day he could try something else.

Or you can send your child to a more structured type of camp that will keep him on track and focused on a particular goal, like a math camp or a technology camp.

  1. Allows Your Child to Connect With Nature

Although all camps won’t take place outdoors, some will. And if your child being able to connect with nature is important to you, then choose a camp that offers outdoor experiences.  Spending time in green, outdoor spaces can be especially helpful for children who have  attention deficit disorder.

Families are often busy, and your child may have what seems a packed summer schedule. Even if you think you can’t make time in your child’s schedule to attend camp, try to find a way if you think your child will benefit from and enjoy the experience.