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Two years ago, we adopted two cats from a rescue group – Jenny and Peggy.  We have been so happy to have these two sweet cats in our household!

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Going from one cat to two has been a new experience for us.  It means always having a cat in your lap!  Also there is a little more work, especially because one of the cats is older and has some issues.  We started with the recommended three litter boxes (as I was told I should have one per cat, plus one extra), but our cat Jenny has some stomach issues.

Therefore, three litter boxes turned into five, and along the way I have learned a lot about litter boxes.  They aren’t all the same!

Our fluffy cat, Peggy, doesn’t like any boxes with a top, which I’ve been told is common with long-haired cats.  Having a fluffy cat means lots of care for their coat and also finding a litter box that they like.

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I was impressed when our litter box and litter scoops arrived from Pet iPRIMIO.  These aren’t like the ones we have used in the past.


The Purple Pet iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box is large, with adequate sides but not too tall.  The box measures 23.5″ long x 15.5″ wide and is 6″ deep. I don’t think I have ever seen a metal litter box before, and it makes sense that it would be easier to clean than plastic.

The box is carefully designed as far as shape (you can get the litter scoops into the corners!), and even has pads on the bottom corners so as not to ruin the floor.  I like the straight lines, which let me get this into a corner without litter going over the side.

I think especially with two cats, they do get bothered by litter box odor.  We have had issues with one of the cats peeing around the house, and it makes sense to have a variety of clean litter boxes available.  This box will never stain or rust, and it is nice to have a durable box.

iPrimio Pet Litter box

I didn’t give too much thought about our litter scoopers, but when I tried these Pet iPRIMIO scoopers – wow!  The Purple Pet iPRIMIO ScoopMonster Foam Long Handle Scooper is so convenient, especially when it comes to reaching over bigger boxes and when you have boxes in tight spots (like we have one in the corner of a storage closet).  It really does make a difference, and eliminates a lot of struggling!

Plus, the scoops came with a wall bracket.  Instead of balancing the scoop against the wall and getting the scoop on the floor, it is easily mounted via the bracket.

iPRIMIO Cat Litter Scoop

We have had our scoops for a couple of weeks now, and you can’t even tell they are used.  The litter just slides right off the Pet iPRIMIO Perfect Black Teflon Scooper – and again, we have a cat with stomach issues (I will spare you those details, but things get pretty messy!).

This is also a big help when we have the kids scooping the cat litter as part of their chores.  There is no reason for them to have trouble when they can easily scoop and be done.

iPRIMIO Pet Cat Litter Scoop

We have really enjoyed the upgrade in our cat’s litter box and scoops.  Because of our cat’s issues, I have to be diligent about scooping the litter frequently and cleaning up messes, and these Purple Pet iPrimio products make my life a lot easier.

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