Moving your family is certainly not an easy task. There is packing, shipping, driving, unpacking, and then settling into the new surroundings to handle. It can be a quick and chaotic time for families. It is also an exciting and memorable moment.

To ensure the memorable moment outweighs the moving stressors, there are a few ways to make the settling in process comfortable. To help, we compiled a few of those settling in tips to make you and your families transition into a new home and community easier. Let’s dive in!

1. Create a detailed checklist of all to-dos after the moving truck drives away

Most families will have a very extensive checklist for the actual moving part, but not so many have a detailed to-do list after they are physically moved in. This is a critical time, because you will be in a new home, boxes spread around, and a community you need to get to know fast.

This makes having an after move in checklist essential. You can pretty much hit the ground running once the last box is in the front door and the moving truck pulls away. Things like what room to unpack first, where to source tools and home improvement stores, where to order dinner, and the list can go on and on. Using online websites that help new families settle in can also be very helpful. For example, you can check out the review to get started.

2. Make unpacking a structured event

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with having a post move in checklist. Unpacking is one of the most tedious jobs for any family moving into a new home. However, it can be streamlined with a bit of strategic planning.

For example, if you are moved in late, the bedrooms are the best place to begin. But if you move in morning or afternoon time, maybe starting with the kitchen and common areas makes more sense. Make a list on your phone to keep everything at the ready in your pocket while sorting through the boxes.

3. Have a furniture plan before you move into your new family home

Getting the big bulky stuff arranged and in place can open up room and give you a quick win after moving in. This means having a plan for your furniture before the first box is moved into your new family home. Chances are, you have been in and out of your new house a few times and have the floor plan at the ready.

So strategize the layout of the furniture before moving so you can quickly put the sofa, chairs, dining table, etc. into their new spots for the next few years. This win can also give you visual motivation to get your unpacking done faster.

4. Keep in mind that your kids may not be as excited as you

Moving to a new home and community is certainly exciting for parents. However, your kids may not be all that motivated and excited for the move. This is because they probably left friends behind, familiar fun places, and routines they have had for quite some time. The good news is that you can make the process a bit easier.

First, understand that they may be upset, and that’s normal and fine. Do not make matters worse by pushing them to enjoy the move in with you. You can, however, make it easier by making them part of the process of moving and unpacking to keep them focused on something else. Another strategy is to have a friend or two from the old neighborhood tag along on moving day to make the transition easier.

5. Explore the new community together as a family

Last, but not least, do some exploring as a family. This is important, because staying in your new home for a 10 hour marathon of unpacking can be anxiety filled and stressful. Take a mid-unpacking break as a family and go out to eat in the community, or go for a drive and/or walk. This breaks up the rigours of unpacking, and also allows the family to have a bit of fun together.

What’s your new home move in plan?

Is moving a bit chaotic and stressful? Yes. Does it have to be? Not really. The above ways to make settling in more comfortable are a great place to start. They are not the end-all, but they are among the most important aspects of a successful move in. Do you have any new home tips? We want to hear from you.