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A couple months ago, I saw a video online of a cat going absolutely crazy over a treat that came in a tube.  I have been meaning to find the same for my cats, so I was excited to find these Tiki Cat STIX wet treats at Chewy.com.  You get 6 tubes in a package, and these can either be used alone or as a topping on cat food.

Tiki Cat chewy

My cats love tuna, so I anticipated that they would like these treats – and I was totally right!

Tiki Cat STIX Chewy.com

After just one day, the cats were so excited that they circled our legs and meowed frantically (or in Jenny’s case, she can’t really meow, so she makes whatever sounds she can!).

Since we try to feed the cats their treats at the same time, we have been squeezing the tubes out on a plate.

Tiki Cat STIX Chewy.com

My cats don’t always get along, so it is kind of crazy that they squeeze together like this to get to their Tiki Cat STIX treats.

Tiki Cat Chewy.com

My cats absolutely love these Tiki Cat STIX wet treats.  I am glad I was finally able to find them and that it was such a hit with both cats!  Plus, Jenny has a lot of stomach issues, but neither cat have had any issues after having their Tiki treats.

Check out this product and lots of other great pet products at Chewy.com:

Tiki Cat STIX Wet Treats