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My kids love squishy things.. yes, squishy!  So needless to say, my daughter was so excited to receive squishies in the mail.  We found this set of 3 CuteyCo kawaii squishies on Amazon.  We chose the animal set, but CuteyCo makes other cute squishies too (like a hamburger!).  It was a really hard choice as far as deciding which set to go with, since they are all so cute!

CuteyCo Squishies

These aren’t supposed to have much of an odor, and they don’t.  There is a light scent to them, but more of a sweet or fruity smell.  Much better than getting squishies that simply smell of chemicals!

These three squishies are slow-rising, so once you squeeze them, they very slowly return to their original shape and size.  These are so fun to play with, whether you just enjoy playing with squishies in general, or if you like some stress-relief.

CuteyCo Squishies

Each of the squishies is so cute, so while my daughter isn’t playing with them, she has them displayed in her room.  They have held up well, even after being played with so much.

CuteyCo Squishy narwhal

The set is only $12.99 on Amazon, and make for a great gift!  I think these are perfect as treats, rewards, Easter basket gifts, etc!

Check out this set at Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Uwmc9b